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Amp Up Your Style Quotient With These Stunning Eyeshadow Ideas

Girija Shinde Oct 6, 2018
For the perfect look, the most important aspect that one must concentrate on, is the eye makeup. After all, it is the eye that catches attention instantly. And due to the same reason, makeup needs to be perfect. Eyeshadows can brighten up your eyes in the best possible way.
Makeup for the eyes is done in several steps and using quite a few products, eyeshadow being one of the most important. Eyeshadow is nothing but a cosmetic which is applied on the eyelid and sometimes under the eyebrows.
The reason why eyeshadow is applied is because it adds a kind of depth to the eyes, giving them a dimension and making them stand out perfectly. In plain words, eyeshadow simply makes the eyes look gorgeous!
There are some many ways that the eyes can be made to look great with some eyeshadow. Have a look at all the options given here, and take your pick. You're gonna be spoiled for choice!
The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural. - Calvin Klein

Interesting Eyeshadow Ideas

Eyeshadow with One Color

If you are going in for a neutral, not-so-jazzy look, keep it simple and subtle by using only one shade of eyeshadow. This look would be apt for office or a study institute.
Use an eyeshadow primer or dab on some loose powder to maintain the look till the end of your day. A single color is perfect for those who are new to eye makeup, and also for those who do not like to experiment.

Eyeshadow with Two Colors

If you want a more defined look, use two colors.
You can choose any one color (preferably a light color) and apply that to your eyelid.
The second color (can be a darker shade of the first color or a contrast color) should be applied to the crease of your eye. This gives your crease a more hollow look. You can apply this in a winged shape to make your eyes look curvy.

Eyeshadow with Three or More Colors

Using three colors can be tricky. Pick your shades, well. Be careful of the shape of your eyeshadow as it totally changes your look.
The magic of being perfect at using three or more colors is, choosing your colors correctly and blending them very well. You need to use a soft dome brush for blending.

Black and White

If you can't figure out what color would match your outfit, black and white can be your savior.
Black and white are neutral colors that go with anything you wear. Black can be used for a deep look which stands out, while white would make more of a bright yet subtle and peaceful look. If you choose to use both the colors together, then you would be creating a smokey effect.

Blue and Green

Like black and white, blue and green have their own separate importance in the eyeshadow family.
Different shades of the mono-color (blue or green) can be used to match almost all colors. Both the colors can be matched with either black, white or both. Otherwise, they can be used with other contrast colors too.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Talk about color, rainbow eyeshadow has it all. It includes all the seven colors of a rainbow (VIBGYOR). If you don't want all, you can limit them to three or four colors as well. They can be applied as slim, smudged lines or maybe patches from your eyelid till your brow line. This look would be perfect for a casual meet with friends, or for the beaches.

Eyeshadow Stickers

Nowadays, eyeshadow stickers are made available too. They work like magic to get that perfect designed look, without any manual effort. You get them in different colors and designs.
For those who do not have time for blending and smudging of eyeshadows, eyeshadow stickers can be your solution. Just one stick and four seconds - and you are sorted. Neither do you need a makeup artist, nor do you have to be exceptionally skilled to use these. They are made of dry powder, give a very natural look and are very saf

Gothic Look

If you have a Gothic theme party or you feel like trying something different just for the fun of it, then you can try the Gothic look.Black is the key color here and a little of a silver outline would brighten the look.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are very creative and attractive. They usually include only one or two colors. You would also need an eyeliner. For example, if you want a leopard print, use primer as the base.
Take a shade of gold (glossy would be best) and apply it from your eyelid till your brow line. Once you are done with this application, take your eyeliner and draw black spots over the gold eyeshadow, leaving spaces between two spots.

Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery colors usually go best with black or white complementary colors.
If you have a wedding to attend or an evening party on your agenda, this gorgeous look is exactly what you need.

Artistic Eyeshadow

Ever tried drawing around your eyes? No? Try this then. All you have to do is, replace your crayon or sketching pencil with your eyeliner.
You could draw various trendy designs over your lid and use eyeshadow as color for it. This will make you look more fashionable and dolled up.


~I would suggest that you try your eyeshadow style at least once at home, before you wear it to go out, especially for parties, weddings or any big occasion.

~Let your eye color not match with your eyeshadow. This will make those sparkling eyes stand out.
~Wear powder-based eyeshadow if you have oily skin.

~Light colors will make your eyes look bigger.

~To enhance your look, you can wear fake lashes and lenses too.
~Use mascara for thicker lashes.

~Use a lash curler for dolled up lashes.

~You can also use a colorful brow pencil to color your eyebrow.