Coconut Oil for Skin

Coconut Oil for Skin

Oil extracted from coconuts is well-known for its culinary and therapeutic uses. Let us take a look at the benefits of this oil for skin.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Coconut oil has been used by people in the tropics since time immemorial. This oil is considered one of the first plant oils used by human beings and has been an indispensable part of Ayurveda, since the time of the inception of this branch of alternative medicine. According to the ancient texts of Ayurveda, coconut oil can be used for treating various medical conditions like jaundice, scabies, scurvy, sore throat, constipation, toothache and swelling. It is also said to be beneficial for strengthening muscles, improving complexion and for wound healing. Apart from its therapeutic properties, it has various cosmetic and culinary uses too.

Coconut Oil and Skin Care

Nowadays, commercial skin products are commonly used as most people lack awareness about the goodness of natural products. As far as natural skin care is concerned, you have lots of options. You may use honey, lemon juice, aloe vera, various fruits, milk, yogurt and grains, as per your requirement and skin type (you must have a basic understanding about what to use for your skin condition). Coconut oil is one such versatile natural product that is believed to be good for skin as well as hair. Most of the commercial moisturizers and other skin care products are water-based and once applied, the water is absorbed by the tissues beneath the skin. This water inflates these tissues, filling up the wrinkles. This process makes the skin smoother and wrinkle-free in appearance, which lasts for a very short time. As the water gets absorbed into the blood stream or as it is evaporated, the skin looks dry and the wrinkles reappear. Apart from water, almost all skin products contain some type of highly refined vegetable oil, which is meant for skin repair. But these refined oils do not contain natural antioxidants, which enable the skin to fight wrinkles and aging. Hence, most of the commercial skin care products can give you temporary satisfaction, as far as the results are concerned.

In order to understand the role of coconut oil for skin care, we have to go through the process of wrinkle formation. The skin is made up of connective tissues, which are responsible for its elasticity and smoothness. In young people, these tissues are strong and with age, free radical attack breaks them down and the skin loses its elasticity as well as its strength. It has been observed that a free radical attack can lead to a chain of such reactions and as a result the skin loses its smoothness and develops wrinkles. This can be countered with the help of antioxidants, which can stop the chain reaction caused by the free radicals. The body must get sufficient antioxidants from the diet and refined vegetable oils do not contain natural antioxidants. It is also claimed that these refined oils may promote the production of free radicals in the body. You can also tackle this problem with the help of skin products with antioxidants. As most of the commercial skin products lack antioxidants, coconut oil is considered best for skin care as it is loaded with antioxidants, which can fight free radicals and prevent aging. It can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the connective tissues.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

By fighting the free radical attacks on the skin, coconut oil makes it smooth and supple, without wrinkles and blemishes. Hence, it is used as a skin moisturizer is very popular and widely accepted. It aids the skin in getting rid of dead cells and make it smooth and glossy. This oil can protect you from the blemishes caused by aging and sunlight exposure. Apart from enhancing the appearance of the skin, coconut oil is also useful in curing acne, wounds, rashes, burns and skin inflammation. It is also believed that it can improve the complexion, apart from protecting the skin from getting dry and flaky. This is considered as one of the best massage oils. Unlike mineral oils, which can sometimes cause side effects, it is found to be completely safe for massaging. Even though, there are three to four types of this oil available in the market, virgin coconut oil is the best for skin. If you want it completely natural, you may make coconut oil at home.

Owing to the benefits of coconut oil for skin care, many of the skin care products like soaps, lotions and creams, have this oil as one of the main ingredients. It is also used for treating skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Apart from skin care, coconut oil is used for hair care too. You can use it for a young, healthy and glowing skin.