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An Informative Yet Hilarious Post on the Different Types of Noses

Different Types of Noses
It's no secret that the nose, apart from our other features, highlights the face in a way that can either make one look good, or not. Our features come together in unison to create a look that is either stunning or less attractive. While some of us have pretty eyes and a strong jawline, others have enviable nose shapes that are perfectly proportioned.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
Just like different body shapes and sizes, our noses can be classified into as many as 14 broad categories. While many of us ignore what our noses look like, there are many who can't take their eyes off this very prominent feature of the human face. There even exists a surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty, where professionals alter the contours of a nose to make it less unappealing. Many of us are familiar with how Rachel from the hit sitcom FRIENDS drastically altered her beak-like nose. Similarly, those who can afford to put themselves through such a surgery are altering how their noses look.
How to Judge One's Personality by Nose Shape
How your nose dips and twists says a lot about who you are (apparently). Let's take a look at how your nose can reveal your true self.

Large : Materialistic, energetic
Small : Timid, loner
Straight : Systematic, good leader
Slightly upturned : Social butterfly, lucky within social circles
Wide (with a slight bump or flat) : Independent, expressive
Hook-shaped : Powerful, gutsy
Long : Stressed, respectful
Pointed : Self-assured, inquisitive
Snubbed : Immature, friendly
Thin : Finicky, out-of-con
Different Types of Noses Among Men and Women
Roman Nose
Smelling Wine
The Roman nose is considered as one of the most attractive kinds among both men and women. It is straight, almost flawless, and ends with a soft curvy tip. It is synonymous with the Aquiline nose.
Example : Daniel Radcliffe
Snub Nose
Close up portrait of beautiful woman
The Snub nose is small and button-like with a slight widening that gives it an adorable look.
Example : Wayne Rooney
Celestial Nose
Close up of beautiful woman's face
The Celestial nose is a pretty one with a subtle upturned tip. This Tinkerbell-like nose is quite an angelic feature.
Example : Carey Mulligan
Redknapp Nose
Portrait of man with cigar
The Redknapp nose is large but not the kind that attracts unwanted attention. It's sturdy and just the right size to complete a strong-featured face.
Rumpole Nose
Old man
The Rumpole nose is imposing and quite large. It has a protruding end that borders on fleshy. It is said that only one in 200 have such a nose.
Hawk Nose
Side profile of a young woman with pierced lips
The Hawk nose, as the name suggests, is beak-like and slightly curvy towards the end.
Mirren Nose
Profile of young blond woman with green eyes
The Mirren nose gets its name from the famous actress Helen Mirren. It's a pointed feature that is usually long and straight.
Lenin Nose
Face of an African American man
The Lenin nose is broad (much like an inverted triangle) with flared nostrils.
Example : Samuel L. Jackson.
Nixon Nose
Portrait of the young girl
The Nixon nose is a feature that spells extraordinaire with its straight bridge, curvy edge, and wide nostrils. It is named quite aptly after the prolific ex-President of the US, Richard Nixon.
Fleshy Nose
Senior 1
The Fleshy nose is a large feature with an excess of 'flesh' that makes up its bulk. It is one of the most common noses spotted in research.
Example : Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Tara Nose
Senior citizen
The Tara nose is a rare sight to behold where it is uneven-looking at first sight. The bumpiness of the nose's contours is what makes it a unique feature.
Example : Owen Wilson
Greek Nose
Goofy Business Man
The Greek nose tops the list as the most beautiful of nose varieties. Models usually have this powerful feature that complements the rest of their face.
Example : Cesc Fàbregas
Duchess Nose
Profile of woman
The Duchess nose is a striking feature that sets off a kind of aural beauty. The straight-edged nose is rightly named so after Kate Middleton.
For centuries, philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates, world-renowned astronomer Pythagoras, and Swiss pastor Johann Kaspar Lavater believed that one's facial features governed an individual's personality traits. This was (and still is) known as physiognomy and for many years, was the basis for judging the character of a person when it came to varied instances. One such incident supports this belief between the years 1936-1945 where a physiognomist named Yoshita Mizuno was hired to examine candidates that he thought was worthy to join the Naval Air Corps. He was able to predict their efficiency at an astounding rate of 80% accuracy.

Today we have what is known as personology where researchers from companies like The International Center of Personology and the Personology Research & Development Center, Inc., strongly believe the power of one's facial features as the foundation of their characteristic roots. It is an in-depth science that reveals certain aspects of one's nature that will stun, baffle, and illuminate those who wish to know more about themselves in great detail. Many researchers have extensively studied the correlation between the two, concluding that there is indeed a link. While others squash such claims, such companies are going strong with their findings.

The nose may seem like an insignificant feature to us all, but it is actually a very important part of our face. There are ways on how to take attention away from a nose that one isn't happy with, like using makeup or styling hair in a particular manner. While rhinoplasty is an extreme alternative, it is nonetheless a reliable option.
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