Makeover Tips for Girls

Once you step on the threshold of teenage, you tend to pay attention to your looks and appearance, and that is when makeover becomes extremely important. The tips given here will allow you to develop a look that enhances your appearance even more.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018
Woman With Red Lips
We have all grown up reading fairy tales like Cinderella, and watching movies like My Fair Lady, waiting for our own fairy godmothers and Professor Higgins to wave their magic wands, and transform us to unleash our inner beauty, so that it would reflect on the outside.
But then, those are childhood dreams, and they wane with time, much like our earlier unwavering faith in Santa Claus.
Dressing Closet With Yellow Clothes
So, like presents from our loved ones replace those from Santa, the magic wand, that our well wishing patrons brandished for us, is replaced by 2 much more practical and possible, almost magical objects - makeup and fashionable clothes.
Just complement the right makeup techniques with the current fashion trends, and you have the perfect makeover.Here, we provide for you, the perfect makeover tips, to let out your inner beauty queen.
For a makeover that will surprise everyone you know, you will need to move out of your comfort zone. If you are tomboy, who has always been comfortable in a pair of shorts and a t-back, you need to become a little more girl like in your demeanor.
Woman Model In Short Dress
On the other hand, if you are someone, who is generally perceived as mild and meek, then a little boldness in your wardrobe and your makeup would revamp your look. However, the changes need to be acceptable to you.
Do not follow a trend blindly, unless you think that it would suit you, and definitely do not constrain yourself to fashion diktats. While there are some people, who can carry off almost all looks, there are others among us, who are not that lucky, and need to be careful about what suits them.
If you are unsure about what to wear and how to apply makeup, consult a stylist who can help you out. This content gives you the basics that you can use to change your style quotient.
Makeup and Clothing Tips
Giving makeover tips in a generic manner is not easy because it needs to be very personalized. Every person has a style that suits them according to their body structure.
The tips given here may not help you change your look completely, but will definitely make you stand out in the crowd with the way you carry yourself.
Wedding Makeup And Hairstyle
>>Always try and opt for a natural makeup look. This will retain the innocence and freshness of your face, and yet make you appear more mature.
Makeup artist at work
>>If you do want to experiment, then opt to innovate with eye makeup. Experiment with the eye shadows and eyeliners of various colors and shades.Use paler, pastel colors and shades that accentuate your skin tone in the morning.
Shiny Makeup
>>If you like to wear glitter makeup, then restrict the use of an eyeshadow with glitter to the evenings, when you are going out for a party or other such occasions.
Makeup Lipstick
>>As a girl, it is always better to opt for a lip gloss as compared to a lipstick, which tends to make you look older.
Woman Applying Cream On Face
>>Always keep your skin clean and moisturized, and clean any trace of makeup before going to bed.
Flippy Hair
>>One of the best ways to change the way you look, is to go in for a haircut. Go to a professional, who can help you choose a style that will suit your face shape, and is also in fashion.
Woman with hands in blue/purple hair looking away
>>Opt for hair highlights and lowlights, depending on your preference. As a young girl, you can try shades that may seem dramatic, like, pink, purple, or my personal favorite, electric blue.
Teenage girl in front of some dresses
>>Hairstyles with bangs are a current rage and suit youthful appearances.Hair style suggestion for black women and girls, who have curly or frizzy hair, is to use a hair serum.
Colorful Hair Bands
>>For hairstyles, you can opt to straighten the top section of your hair and cut them into bangs. Use hair accessories like hair bands and clips to enhance the look.
Beautiful Manicure
>>Nail art is a good way to draw attention to your hands. Go wild with different nail art variations. You can opt for polka dots, stripes, designs, gems, stick-ons; the options are endless.
Beautiful Woman
>>Always use a moisturizer and a sunscreen before you step out, to ensure proper skin care.
Clothes Shopping
>>When it comes to clothing, it is important to add color to your ensemble. Most of us tend to be monochromatic in our look, and stick to a favorite color while buying clothes.
Group of beautiful young women enjoying vacation
>>Experiment with new colors and shades. Also, try out new styles that appeal to your taste.
Beautiful Necklace
>>Accessorize. It is key to any look. Depending on the style you are sporting, accessorize your look.
Pair Of Red Snake Shoes
>>If you are going in for a rocker chick look, then wear silver chains looped with your belt, boots or converse shoes, silver earrings, etc.
White Pearl Necklace On Womans Neck
>>If preppy clothes are more your style, then wear pearl necklaces, match your belts with your shoes, wear hair bands, and other such accessories.
Silver Necklace
>>A single show stopping accessory should not be overshadowed by other trinkets. Try and minimize the urge to wear too much jewelry. Over-accessorizing can kill the look of an outfit.
Portrait Of Beauty Girl
These are some tips that you can use, if you are trying to change the look that you present to the world every day. There is no one-day miracle solution.
The change will take time and a lot of perseverance on your part. It will be easy to be tempted to let go and slip back into routine. However, if you really want a Tim Gunn or Trinny and Susannah style miracle, then you will need to work at it.