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5 Makeup and Hairstyle Tips to Make Your Face Look Thinner

Ashmeet Bagga May 4, 2019
Do you feel your round face is making you look chubbier? Stress not! Here are five makeup and hairstyle tips to make your face look thinner.

A world without makeup

In the 18th century, the English had almost passed a law which allowed men to divorce their women if they were caught wearing makeup! Consider yourself lucky that nothing such happened. Can you imagine how our lives would be if they had passed that law?
Many of us feel that a round face hampers our look, making us look fat. And many of us facing this predicament wish there was some magic wand that would make our face appear thin and attractive, just like movie stars.
Thankfully, there is a magic wand, and it is called a makeup brush. Some simple makeup tips and a smart hairstyle can go a long way in making your face appear thin and attractive. You don't need to be an expert to achieve the right look. A closer look will reveal that many celebrities have adopted these simple yet amazing techniques to look gorgeous.
This information gives you five simple makeup and hairstyle tips that will bring a smile to you face, and also save you a trip to your salon. So stick around and pull out your makeup brushes from your closet to transform your look.

Makeup Tips

Makeup goes a long way to hide any blemishes, acne marks, dark circles, and highlight the desired features of your face. It's as easy as 1-2-3 to give you a gorgeous look. There are, of course, many makeup tricks that can make your face look sharper and thinner, but here are a few easy ones.

Blend two shades of blush

The key here is to create a contrast between two shades of blush, darker shade and lighter shade. Applying these two shades will give you a more angular face.
Apply a darker blush above your cheekbones, and properly blend it so that there is no cakeyness. Pucker up your lips, or go for duck lips, and now apply a lighter shade of blush in the hollow area of your cheekbones, blend in both colors with your brush.

Choose the right brow shape

Your eyebrow should not be too thick, and it should have a prominent arch, which helps to lift your face and give it a thinner look. Fill in brow with a shade darker than normal brow, which will make it stand out, you can coat it with clear mascara.

Conceal dark circles

We don't want our eyes to look puffy, and to hide that puffiness, concealer is our solution. Prep your eyes with some concealer, and hide those unsightly patches, doing so will certainly take the attention off your eyes and will help your face look thin and more pretty.

Play up your eyes

Play up your eyes, make them look more playful, since beautiful eyes tend to attract attention in a room.
Use an eyeliner and mascara to give your eyes that edgy look, this will help open up your eyes even more. You can even use eye shadow, but go with the occasion and what suits your eye.

Keep your lips natural

We all love that blood red shade on our lips, and someday wish to pull it off, but if you have a heavy face and want to go for a thin look, then avoid that shade. Instead, use a light, subtle shade of pink to divert attention from the lower part of your face.

Haircut and Hairstyle Tips

Just as makeup can hide any imperfections, so can hairstyles. There are various ways in which hair can be worn or styled to make a round face appear longer. A good haircut will highlight your unique features, at the same time conceal any weaknesses.
You want your face to look oval and thin, so keeping that in mind, opt for a haircut that's shoulder length, because a short haircut can make your face look heavy. You can add layers to your hair, like getting soft bangs will lend your face an oval shape. Also, watch out if the bangs are cut too short, because that would make your face appear wider.

Opt for long hair

Experts suggest if you are confused between keeping it short or long, go for the second option as it elongate face.

Go for an asymmetrical bob

If you have short hair which reaches right below your face and above your shoulder, you should get an asymmetrical bob.
To add effect, keep the hair short at the back, and keep it long in the front, which provides a sharp look to your face.

Highlight your hair

Go for highlights, it will add texture and contrast to your look. One tip about highlights is to keep the shade at the top of your head slightly light, and use a darker color underneath.
Use brighter color highlights, as it helps to draw attention to the top part of your face, making it look slimmer.

Opt for soft wavy curls

We all love those soft, romantic curls which gives us a princess type feeling, and guess what? Soft curls are useful to conceal that chubby face.
However, refrain from getting tight curls that stick to your face, go for loose curls that are curled away from your face, but still frames your face.

Wear high and fancy updos

We all love an updo, it's a go-to style especially on a bad hair day. Opt for a vertical updo, as it gives our face some height and draws the attention to our hair instead of our face.
Anything to frame your face will make your face look thinner, pull random locks of hair out to frame your face, you can do the same if you fancy a ponytail. Another tip is to go for heavy side parting and leave those strand of hair loose.
If you still are unsure, do not hesitate to consult the hairstylist at your salon. As an expert, he/she would be in a better position to help you out. With all these tips and tricks, you can surely make your face appear thinner; if actors can, then so can we.