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Makeup Tips For Glass Wearers

Amita Ray May 4, 2019
Style it geek and step out with a neon yellow frame, team it up with bright pink lips and nude eye shadow. Always wear mascara when wearing glasses. Pair this look with either a black or white outfit, funk it up with color in your accessories, and you'll surely be the talk of the nerd town.
Highlight those gorgeous lips with some bold colors and team it with subtle eye makeup. You could play around with colors like deep red or fuchsia for lips, subtle colors, like champagne, for your eyes with a touch of warm blush for your cheekbones, and don't forget the mascara! This look is well-suited for those who prefer thin-framed glasses.
Look radiant, basking in your natural beauty, with a hint of pink blush, soft peach shadow on the eyes, and a kiss of peachy pink color on your lips. This look goes well with both thin- or thick-framed glasses.
A little glitter to your lower eyelids, a few strokes of black eyeliner, and some mascara to make them extra oomphalicious. Let your lips make a statement, but with some color, of course.
Use berry shades or some pinkish coral ones on the lips, and subtle shimmer of rosegold on the eyes. This look goes best with thin-framed or thick-framed glasses. For a bit more adventurous look, try blue or green glitter eyeliner.
Bring out the mysterious and sexy vibe with dark smokey eyes. A good helping of kohl around the eyes (especially the lower eyelids), smudged to perfection, and loaded with mascara is sure to bewitch them all. Choose a relatively mute lip color, like nude or soft pink, to go with it. Show off this look with thick-framed glasses.
This look calls for a little bit of nerdiness with loads of sexiness. Wing that eyeliner with a few good strokes of kohl on the lower eyelid, and don't shy away from some mascara. Pump your lips with some colors and add a touch of gloss. Sport a shade of red, fuchsia, or even bright pink. This look would go well with thin and thick-framed glasses.

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