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Make Your Fashion Statement With Stunning Makeup for Green Eyes

Makeup for Green Eyes
Women with green eyes need not worry about their eye makeup, as there are different techniques and color combinations that you can use to highlight your eye color.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Women with green eyes often find it difficult to experiment with eye makeup, fearing that it would ruin the dramatic appearance of their eye color. Green eyes can be enhanced even further by using the right shades of eyeliners, eyeshadow, mascara and kohl pencils. All you need to know is which colors to use for the makeup and how to use them in a perfect combination.
girl with green eyes applying makeup
Colors and Shades of Eye Makeup
Since our objective is to dramatize and enhance the hazel green eyes and not to tone them down, you must work with makeup colors that do not compete with your eye color. If your eyes are of a darker green shade, then choose lighter colors, and if they are light green, then choose darker shades. The colors of the eyeshadow and eye pencil should be used in combination, rather than using the same color for both.
Shades of taupe, coral, mocha and lilacs as eyeshadow will work very well to create that dramatic effect for green colored eyes. Also remember that the color should complement the occasion that you would be wearing it to. Choose colors like peach, purple, bronze, brown, khaki, violet, beige, mauve.
Eyeshadow for Green Eyes
Eyeshadow for Green Eyes
☞ Choose from any of the shades like bronze, brown, khaki and avoid shades of pink, white, gray and blue.

☞ Select a light color as the highlighter, for example, lilac and vanilla can be a good option.

☞ Apply it to the brow bone in a single thick stroke, and then apply evenly all over the bone.

☞ Put a darker shade, say a deep purple, to the crease of the eyes and blend well until it is applied uniformly over the crease.

☞ For a more subtle look, try using a combination of light bronze and
Eyeliner / Eye Pencil for Green Eyes.
girl with green eyes and black liner
☞Always apply eyeliner or an eye pencil to green eyes after you put the eyeshadow, as it enhances the makeup further.

☞For hazel green eyes, golden, dark gray, shades of plums and violets, or shades of brown and bronze eyeliners should be used.

☞Apply the eyeliner or eye pencil on the outer 'V' shape of the eyelid by gliding it on smoothly.

☞Stroke the eyeliner or eye pencil on the lower eyelid as well as on the outer rim.
Mascara for Green Eyes.
Girl with green eyes applying mascara
☞For green eyes, always use brown, black or transparent shades of mascara.

☞Use the eyelash curler on your lashes before applying mascara, as this would make the eyelashes look more voluminous.

☞Start sweeping the mascara brush from the sides of the eyelashes.
The Smoky Effect
Smokey Makeup
To create a smoky eyes look for green eyes, start with using an eyeshadow base or an eye concealer. Apply the darker shade over the crease evenly in an outward and upward motion, so that it tapers towards the outer edge of the eye. Make the outer edge of the eye darker than the inner edges. Apply the eyeliner on the entire upper eyelid and half way on the lower eyelid. Sculpt your eyebrows by filling them with dark brown eyebrow powder.
You can also try different combinations of shades that go well with green eyes, but make sure you carry it off with confidence. Do not overdo it by using loud colors as eventually it might look messy. Feel lucky to have this unique eye color.