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Funk Up Your Look With These Gothic Makeup Ideas

Gothic Makeup Ideas
When someone thinks of the Goth look, they have a preset notion about how one should appear. While that perception forms its basis, there are ways in which one's appearance can be enhanced. Everyone can sport this look. It is only when your personal touch is visible, then the look will become unique to you and will definitely have you standing out in a crowd.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
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The Dead Arose
Gothic fashion - makeup, clothing, etc., can be traced back to Victorian mourning. Represented as dark, gloomy, and macabre, it can be perceived as a rebellion against the extravagance of society by the youth of the day.
The Goth subculture is believed to be a symbolism of the death of humanity. Gothic makeup then, along with other elements of the typical appearance of those belonging to this subculture, such as the clothes and hairdos, is one of the most prominent representational element of this belief.
Those who sport Gothic-inspired outfits are usually dressed in black, and this color is usually the basis upon which Gothic makeup is done. In order to wear Gothic makeup you don't necessarily need to follow the subculture. There are aspects of this look that can be adapted to your every day makeup as well.
gothic makeup for face
The Face
•The first thing you will notice about this look is the white, pallid face. However, this is not necessary, and in fact, it is suggested that you opt for foundation in a color only one shade lighter than your skin tone. You want to look realistic while sporting this look. Use a face powder to even out the foundation.

• Blush is an option, but in some cases it can be used to give definition to your face. Apply blush of darker shade on your cheek bones and jawline.
eyelid makeup
The Eyes
•In the Gothic look, it is the eyes that are always the center of attention, and that should receive maximum attention from you. While the makeup can be as light or as heavy as you want. A deep black liquid eyeliner is essential. It should ideally be worn thick giving smokey effect. Use dark colors like bottle green, navy blue, deep purple, or even red for some drama.
•To achieve a Gothic look is to try out cat eye makeup. Extend the eyeliner beyond the corner of your eye, to make a wing or a swirl. You may also simply extend the eyeshadow beyond the corners of the eyes for some definition.
•There are no bounds to your creativity while trying out Gothic eye makeup. For example, you can choose to wear blood red mascara instead of the regular black. Also try out false eyelashes to give your eyes greater definition. Keeping in mind the shape of the eyes is very important while trying out these techniques. If you have deep set or small eyes, don't go heavy on the eye makeup. Stick to kohl and eyeliner.
The Lips
•Dark, deep shades of lipstick are perfect to achieve the Gothic look. Apply a suitable lip liner before the lipstick so that you can prevent the color from bleeding. Try to avoid pure black lipstick. Rather, opt for a deep plum, a deep red, or even a blood red lipstick.

•If you want the focus of your look to remain on your eyes, you can go for a nude shade of lipstick instead of dark colors. Finish off with a touch of clear lip gloss and you're good to go!
The Nails
•Paint your nails in black, red, plum, or in a blackish-brown tone. It looks vamp-like, and adds a finishing touch to the overall look.

•For those of you who find this look too basic, opt for funky nail art and take your Goth look to a whole new level.
makeup for men
Gothic Makeup for Men
•The first thing imperative to Gothic makeup, even for men, is the eyeliner. It does not matter if you don't choose to apply any other form of makeup; kohl and eyeliner are essentials for this look.

•Go for black lipstick, but if you find it too stark, try a gray color.

•Nail polish is another element that you can sport, and if you are comfortable with the look, try a stark black one.