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Lip Plumper Side Effects

Lip Plumper Side Effects

As much as you long for luscious, full, and sexy lips, using a lip plumper is prone to some minor side effects. Take a look at the adverse health conditions, that may affect you upon prolonged use of these cosmetics.
Puja Lalwani
Lip plumpers are now available to help you get those dreamy, luscious, pouted lips, you've always wanted. You can either opt for a temporary option, or a permanent fix. It is known that getting a permanent lip plumping job is slightly riskier than an over-the-counter variant. However, even a product like that can have certain unwanted reactions. What are these reactions? Is using a lip plumper safe? Before we try to find answers to these questions, let us first understand how it works.

How Do They Work?

Lip plumpers are cosmetics that are meant to give you fuller lips without any surgery. These are temporary and last for up to six hours. When applied, they immediately increase the blood flow to the lips, and cause them to look fuller. This is due to the presence of certain ingredients in them, such as cinnamon or menthol, and even cayenne pepper. Do remember that if you have very thin lips, they will look only slightly thicker. Though many of these products promise to give you lips like Angelina Jolie, their effectiveness is definitely limited.

The good thing about using a cosmetic variety is that it is relatively less risky than the permanent injections that definitely give you fuller lips, but with several side effects. However, even the constant use of a cosmetic variant can affect the quality of your lips, and if you have very sensitive lips, then you may be prone to reactions.

Side Effects

You may find various products in shops as well as online, that claim to give you luscious, sexy lips almost instantly. Although this is how they usually work, not every one of them is safe. When you look for one, make sure that a moisturizer is mentioned as an ingredient. It not only prevents the lips from drying, but also enhances its appearance.
  • When applied, lip plumpers will always cause a slight tingling and burning sensation. However, it may also cause some more irritating sensations such as severe burning, redness, itchiness, and dryness. Such allergic reactions are not natural, and if you experience any of these, immediately wipe off the plumper, and throw it away. It is obviously doing you more harm than good. As mentioned earlier, constant use can also cause the lips to become very dry.
  • If you have naturally sensitive skin, then test the plumper by applying a little on your forearm before purchasing it. If your skin reacts to it badly, then you should not purchase it. Don't just purchase any lip plumper online, because you cannot test it. Always go to a store, perform a small test, and check for any unwanted reactions before purchasing it. You may also find some, that are meant for very sensitive lips.
Finally, the best way of avoiding all these reactions is to use a natural lip plumper. Natural ingredients have a lesser chance of causing side effects as compared to the commercially produced cosmetics for this purpose.

There are no 'grave' dangers of usage, but you definitely don't want to have a few 'Angelina Jolie moments' at the cost of the irritating side effects mentioned above. Always test the product before buying it, and if possible, resort to natural measures rather than the various over-the-counter cosmetics to get fuller lips.