Avant-garde Eye Makeup Tips

With bold and liberal strokes of colors, avant-garde makeup is not everybody's cup of tea. But with BeautiSecrets, you get to learn and understand some crucial avant-garde eye makeup tips that'll give you the unconventional look.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
"As a model you need to be able to do the craziest things."
― Heidi Klum
The evolution of fashion makeup is a perpetual job that is only possible due to innovation of the visionaries. Makeup artists who possess an alternative set of mind manage to create and revolutionize the meaning of beauty, glamor, and poise. When we speak of avant-garde, many names come to mind―Daniel K, Yvonne Cox, Nigel Stanislaus, Diana Ionescu, Michelle Campbell, Miriam Robstad, Markuz Royale, and Amber Lynne (just to name a few). What these artists have accomplished is simply marvelous, and their work truly speaks of how far we have come. They have the ability to turn a face into a living canvas.

Of course, the time, effort, hard work, and dedication that goes behind creating a masterpiece is commendable, yet achievable. If you know the basics of applying eye makeup, then with some practice, you can get the avant-garde look for yourself. Instead of appreciating this style of makeup in magazines and runways, give yourself the opportunity to transform your appearance when an occasion demands it.
9 Avant-garde Eye Makeup Tips
Notoriously popular for being dramatic, over-the-top, and artistic, avant-garde makeup is all about pushing the envelope. Inspiration doesn't wait for anyone or anything; it can strike at any moment. So, follow these essential tips and see how you can express your creativity through it.
  1. Always use good quality beauty products that are made specifically for avant-garde makeup.
  2. The choice of eyeshadow colors has to be unusual. So, keep pastel shades to a minimal; only use it to emphasize the bold, shocking shades.
  3. You don't necessarily have to follow a particular kind of makeup technique. What's more important is how the eye makeup looks in the end.
  4. Choose a theme to base your makeup on it. The attire, venue, and style of photography all will come in handy while making a decision.
  5. Apart from eyeshadow colors, it is essential to use accessories such as gems, rhinestones, glitter, and feathers to emphasize the final outlook.
  6. Always keep the attire and the occasion in mind when you're applying the makeup to create a dramatic look; it has to complement each other and tie the look together.
  7. Use of contrasting colors is always welcome as it provides more impact and grabs attention.
  8. When you use multiple eyeshadow colors and types (shimmer, matte, cream, etc.), create a balance of colors and the application technique. You want to keep an intense look; make it as fierce as possible.
  9. It isn't always necessary to apply dramatic eye makeup every time. You can choose to keep your eyes subtle and make the eyebrows, eyelashes, and/or lips bold with color(s).
31 Avant-garde Makeup Looks
Bridging the gap between art and the real world, many makeup artists have managed to alter the meaning of what we find acceptable. Where pushing the boundaries is something of a regular occurrence, avant-garde is now just another word for normal.
Whether you wish to add drama or play it cool, using the avant-garde techniques works well for photo shoots; it gives you the freedom to take risks, in a good way. And if you're really interested in taking bigger risks and creating something extravagant, do consult an experienced and professional makeup artist for feedback and advice.