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Smokin' Hot Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin You've Been Longing For

Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin
Choosing the right shade of lipstick can be very tricky. The right shade can make you look glamorous diva, but a wrong one can make you look ill, or worse.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
Every time you pass the makeup counters at the stores, your heart skips a beat. Those gorgeous colors just seem to call out to you. Enamored by the range of colors on the counter you try the ones that your eyes seem to love. When you come home with your newest acquisition and try it in front of the mirror, you suddenly realize that the color is not as perfect as you thought. In fact, the swatch on the back of your hand and your lips are so vastly different that you feel extremely sad.
This is a common mistake most women make when shopping for lipsticks. Instead of understanding whether the shade will work for you or not, women tend to choose lipstick colors that looks appealing to the eyes.
Things to Keep in Mind
Choosing a flattering lip color is not that easy. While there are a few lip colors that can brighten your complexion, there are many others that can make you look like clown. The trick to choosing the right lipstick shade is to analyze the skin tone and complexion. Both these terms have different connotations.

While fair skin or dark skin refers to the types of complexion, the skin tone is classified as warm or cool. To find out whether you have warm or cool undertones, check your wrists. If the veins appear green then you have warm tones while when the veins appear blue that means you have cool undertones. The actual lip color also makes a difference when choosing a lipstick shade. Ideally the lipstick color should be a shade darker than your natural lip color. Here are some flattering lipstick shades for women with fair skin.
Everyday Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - Pinks
Light Pinks are Your New Best Friends
Soft and glossy light or pale pink shades with neutral or cool undertones look fabulous on fair skin. The color instantly brightens the complexion. For everyday wear sheer medium pink lipsticks look extremely good. Mauve shades are also good for everyday wear. Look for sheer to opaque finishes when choosing the lipstick. If you have warm undertones then look for rosy-tinted pink or dirty pink shades. For a natural look, skip the lip liner.
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - Light Browns and Caramels
Light Browns and Caramels are Fab
If you are looking for the perfect nudes then try light brown, light mocha and caramel shades of lipsticks. The warmth and lightness of the brown shades complement the fair skin tone without looking over the top. While light browns can be paired with dark, smokey eyes, darker shades of browns can be paired with a warm blush and minimal eye makeup.
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - Coral and Peaches
Coral and Peaches for Fair Skin
Peach lipsticks look as though they are made for fair skin. For everyday looks use a sheer light peach while opt for a bright peachy orange lipsticks for the night outs. It is important to check your natural lip color when using this shade. If your lips are extremely dark and pigmented then the peach shade will give your face an ashen appearance even if you are really fair.
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - Beige and Nude Shades
Beige and Nude Shades
Beige may sound very boring but on fair skin this shade looks magical especially if you pair it with heavy eye makeup. This is the perfect nude shade for fair skin and a must have in every fair-skinned makeup lover's kit. A beige with slight peach undertones can work extremely well to brighten the complexion as well. Ideally a gloss finish works very well when it comes to nude shades.
Bright Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin
While the apricot hues, light pinks and soft corals work best on fair skin, you need not restrict yourself to light colors and pastel lip shades only. Fair-skinned women can rock bright lip colors with equal ease provided they know the colors that suit them.
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - True Red
True Red
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - Hot Pink
Hot Pink
Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - Bright Orange
Bright Orange
There are many people who will warn you against wearing an orange red lipstick but if you can pull it off then it looks spectacular on fair skin as well. The thing you need to keep in mind is that if you pair bright lips with pale skin, then make sure you choose the lipstick colors in sheer finish. If highlighting the lips say with a bright pink then keep the rest of the makeup minimal. So go ahead and try out these shades and see them work magic to transform your pale, white skin.
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