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Amazingly Stylish Natural Makeup Tips for Black Women

Natural Makeup Tips for Black Women
Makeup for black women begins from hunting for a right cosmetic itself, as the market mostly caters to the needs of fair skinned women. Here are a few good natural makeup tips for black women.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Women of African-American origin or black women often find it difficult to get their makeup right. The trouble starts with the choice of right cosmetic for their skin tones. In the past, not many cosmetic companies specialized in products that were exclusively meant for black women. Therefore, they had to put up with cosmetics that looked unnatural upon them. However, nowadays, there are quite a few companies which cater to the needs of black women.
Natural makeup for black women start with identifying one's skin undertone. It is not justified to label all black women as 'women with dark brown skin', as there are several shades of browns and even beige, which account for 'dark skin.' Thus, your first step would be to identify your skin tone and the undertone. Most black women have blue undertone, however, those with lighter skin color may have pink or gold undertone.
Foundation and brushes
Once you get your skin tone right, the next step is to shop for the right cosmetics. Choosing a correct foundation is a basic and one of the most important natural makeup ideas. You need to choose a foundation that perfectly blends with your skin. You have an option of choosing a foundation in the form of liquid, gel, cream or stick. Yellow based foundations look best for black women as they complement the skin undertone.
While applying foundation, make sure you clean your face and moisturize it. Natural makeup techniques involve using your fingers or a cotton swab to apply the foundation in small portions on forehead, cheeks, chin, near your eyes and nose. Now blend it with your skin so that the end result is smooth, even skin. Lastly, take some loose powder on a brush and make quick, sweeping motions to blend the makeup well. Make sure there is no visible boundary where your makeup meets your skin.
Eye Makeup
Eye makeup
Black women have a great choice in this area, as they can opt for bold shades like blue, violet and green. However, if you're getting ready for the day, then stick to neutral shades like copper, brown, pink etc. Keep your eye shadow light, so that it does not look odd for the day. While doing eye makeup for night, you can choose any shade from deep purple, mauve, rich chocolate etc., and can apply it heavily on your eyelids. Complete your eye makeup by a thin eyeliner and 2 - 3 coats of mascara.
natural makeup
This is an area, where you are likely to make a major makeup blunder. Remember, peach, orange, red and pink blushers are not for your skin tone, since they are barely noticeable on dark skin tones. Brown and copper are the colors that complement very well with African-American skin tones. Steer clear of rosy reds, as they look very artificial on black women.
Lip Makeup
Lip makeup
Lip gloss is a must-have in your makeup kit, if you are an African-American woman, since it suits you more than a lipstick. Black women tend to have bigger, fuller lips, hence accentuate your lips as much as you can. Line your lips with a lip liner that is close to the shade of your lip gloss or lipstick. Fill the lip color with a brush and blend it well with the lip liner. Many women apply darker lip liners than their lipstick color, which doesn't look good at all.
Hope the above tips help you look gorgeous and feel good about yourself. For more natural makeup tricks for African-American skin tones, take a closer look at the pictures of divas like Jennifer Lopez or Halle Berry, who have a great makeup sense.