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9 Struggles Only Pale Girls Can Relate To

Buzzle Staff May 6, 2019
Being unable to exercise for long or getting paler by the minute? Do you think you are sick? Well, no. It is just one of the problems faced by pale girls. Out of the many struggles only pale girls can relate to, one is idiotic nicknames that your friends seem to find 'cute', but which are pathetically irritating.

Pale Girls and Makeup Problems

There's no doubting this one; finding appropriate makeup for pale girls is close to impossible. You can never find the right foundation to match your pale skin tone, nor can you find the perfect concealer to hide that awful pimple.
The lightest shade of lipstick is too bold, and the slightest hint of rouge is too dark. There is no such thing as perfect nail polish, eye shadow, or bronzer. Long story short, makeup of any kind makes you look like a spooky clown.

Wardrobe Options for Pale Girls

Want to wear flesh-colored stockings? Sure you can, except that you're legs are going to look like they belong to someone else; the palest nude tights are going to be a shade darker than your skin.
Outfits of certain colors are never going to suit you. Unfortunately, you cannot even think of ditching colors and choosing black or white, because wearing black is going to make you look like a part of the Cullen vampire clan. And wearing white is going to be make you look like a ghost.

Pale Girls and Photography Ramblings

Flash photography for the evening? Brilliant plan. Except that you'll look like a certified ghost among your friends who look human.
Your friends argue about standing next to you, since your skin makes them look tanned. You've got to stick with selfies, since your face literally glows in the dark.

Blushing Away - All the Time

The slightest exercise makes blood rush to your face, and you find yourself blushing. Merely walking a few miles makes your face flush like you've been running all over town.
Even a genuine blush among your friends can leave you feeling embarrassed, since your bright red face is way too visible and obvious.

The Questionnaire for Pale Girls

You're plied with a constant flurry of questions, like, 'Are you sick?', 'Do you want to rest?', 'Why are you so pale?', etc.
You've probably given up trying to make people understand that your skin has always been like this, and that you are not sick always. And the worst of it? No one asks you anything when you're actually sick, because your skin does not get any paler than it already is.

Pale Girls - Sunscreen and Tan Woes

You've never found the perfect sunscreen. Never. You keep applying sunscreen like it's your lifeline, yet you never get a tan.
You're sick of people telling you about 'getting a tan'; you can spend hours outside and still remain pale. What you actually get are horrid sunburns that hurt like hell. And people assume that your sunburns are a tan. Grrrr!!!

The Physical Features of Pale Girls

However well you brush your teeth, they are never going to appear pearly white because of your skin. In fact, you are going to be scared of watching your own wrists and ankles, because you'll have scary, visible blue veins.
Even the slightest bruise is going to make your skin look red. And the worst thing? Your body hair is going to be ten times more pronounced than it would be for normal people.

Pale Girls and Outdoor Activities

You are probably accustomed to refusing holidays in summer, or even any outdoor activity like the beach, a game, or a festival, for fear that you'll get tanned and have people ask you if your skin is peeling.
And, if you do go outside, you are perhaps the only one among your friends applying suntan lotion every 20 minutes.