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Here's the Real Secret to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally

Lighten Skin Tone Naturally
There are numerous skin creams, lotions and serums that are available for lightening skin. But if you are looking for some natural methods for brightening your skin, then here are some tips that are highly effective.
Dhanya Joy
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
An even, flawless skin is what most women desire, but only a few are lucky enough to have a clear skin tone. Although skin darkening can be caused due to various factors, it is generally a result of melanin buildup in the skin over the years. Usually, most of us end up settling for skin lightening products which contain harsh chemicals that cause further damage to the skin. However, there are some safe and natural ways to lighten your skin tone.
Home Remedies to Lighten Skin
Here are some natural methods to lighten skin tone by using simple ingredients that are available in your pantry and refrigerator.
Potato and Yogurt Pack
One of the best way to lighten a tan is by applying a potato and yogurt mask. Yogurt contains lactic acid and potato contains an enzyme catecholase which has skin lightening properties. To make this mask, grate a potato and add a tablespoon of yogurt to it. Mix well and apply on skin. Wash off with water after 10-15 minutes.
Orange Peel Pack
Orange peel against
Dry a few orange peels in the sun. Grind the dried orange peels into a fine powder. Add a teaspoon of turmeric, and a few drops of lemon juice to the powdered orange peel. Apply this pack to your skin. After 10-15 minutes rinse off with lukewarm water.
Almond and Milk Pack
Almond milk in a glass jar with almonds
Another great way to lighten the skin is by applying a face pack made with ground almond and milk. To make this face pack, soak a few almonds in water overnight. The next day, grind the soaked almonds into a fine paste, add some honey and milk, and apply it on the skin. When the pack dries, wash it off with water.
Sandalwood and Turmeric Pack
Turmeric with over beautification products
Prepare a homemade skin lightener by mixing a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, a teaspoon of turmeric, and a few drops of rose water. Mix these ingredients into a paste and apply it on the darkened area. After 15- 20 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.
Papaya Pack
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Take a ripe papaya and mash it with a spoon. Add a tablespoon of honey to the mashed papaya and mix well. Apply this mixture on your skin. After 10-15 minutes, wash the papaya pack off with water. Papaya contains an enzyme papain which effectively sloughs off dead skin cells.
Some Other Tips to Lighten your Skin
The following are some simple, natural ways that you can use to lighten your skin.
» For darkened elbows and knees, prepare a scrub using granulated sugar, a tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Use this scrub to exfoliate your elbows and knees.
» Rub your skin with tomato juice everyday. This will help you in getting rid of sun tan and will also tighten the pores of your skin.
» Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with some yogurt and apply this on your skin. Rinse off with cold water after 10 minutes.
» Prepare a homemade mask by mixing a teaspoon each of tomato juice, lemon juice, chickpea flour and turmeric. Apply this on your skin for 10 minutes. This will not only lighten your skin tone, but it will also cleanse and moisturize the skin.
» Crush some fresh mint leaves and squeeze out its juice. Apply this mint juice on your skin. After 10-15 minutes, wash with water.
Always remember to apply a sunscreen lotion or gel even when you are indoors. Follow a healthy diet and a good skin care regimen to have translucent and even skin, free of dark spots and blemishes.
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