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Whitening Cream Reviews

Whitening Cream Reviews
Skin whitening creams are always in demand, for both men and women. Here is a BeautiSecrets article that will give you the ins and outs of some of the popular brands out there.
Parashar Joshi
Garnier, Nivea, Lakme, Ponds, Olay, Oriflame, Revitol―these are all just a few known names when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. However, as far as skin lightening/whitening gels and lotions are concerned, the aforementioned names would merely form the tip of the iceberg. There is an absolute plethora of choices, and nearly each and every manufacturer claims its product as being the best in the market. But what is the real picture? Which are the products that have been widely accepted and have been rated at the top by the consumers? Well, the following section should provide an insight.
Reviews to Consider
Here are some of the best ranked creams, lotions, and gels that claim to lighten your natural skin tone. Kindly note that due to the sheer volume of products and face creams out there, it is somewhat difficult to accommodate each and every brand or product in this article.
* Prices may vary depending on where (store or online) you make the purchase and the amount of product.
Gluta-C Skin Lightening Cream
This is a product that is highly rated and ranked by its users. Most people who have used this product have raved about its efficacy in producing the desired (and promised) results. There have been very few cases of unsatisfied customers or users. The product mainly includes plant-derived ingredients in the form of Kojic and Alpha-Arbutin, Vitamin C, and an antioxidant in the form of Glutathione. With a 2 oz. pack priced around $50, it can be a bit heavy on the pocket. But then again, it also delivers the results!
Meladerm by Civant Skin Care is highly spoken of for its result-producing capacity and non-irritant properties. It has a long list of special ingredients, a few of which happen to be Kojic acid, Mulberry extract, Alpha-Arbutin, bearberry extract, Niacinamide, Gigawhite, licorice extract, lemon juice extract, Emblica extract, etc. One of its unique features is that the product is hydroquinone-free (again, something that most other products are not). This product is known for its efficacy in reducing hyper-pigmentation, removing dark spots and scars, and of achieving uniform lightening of the skin. This product too, is competitively priced at approx $50.
Revitol Skin Brightener Cream
This cream is also made up of natural ingredients in the form of vitamin A, grapefruit extract, Arbutin, shea butter, Lumiskin, Z whitener, and evening primrose oil. It helps in reducing wrinkles, in getting rid of scars and age spots, and leaves you with healthy, younger looking skin with a uniform skin tone. Also, the moisturizing properties of this skin care product make it suitable for those people having sensitive skin. Priced at $30, it is comparatively cheaper than the aforementioned products.
SkinBright Skin Brightener
Once again, with ingredients in the form of Arbutin, lemon extract, aloe vera, vitamin A Palmitate, Kojic acid, willow bark extract, and hemp oil, this product by Premium Naturals, also has its fair share of fan following and loyalists. It is significantly effective in lightening dark spots, birthmarks, scars, etc. and lightens the skin in a uniform manner. It works with most skin types and also protects your skin, thanks to its moisturizing properties. However, just to be on the safer side, pregnant women should seek the opinion of a doctor before using this product.
In addition to the above-mentioned products, here are a few more creams and lotions that are highly popular among the masses:
  • Ponds Whitening Detox Cream
  • Lucederm Skin Brightening Cream
  • Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion
  • Lancaster Infinite White Protective Whitening Cream
  • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion
This was a short overview of skin whitening creams. Hopefully, it will help you in zeroing in upon the best whitening lotion for your skin requirements.