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Struggles Only People With Oily Skin Will Understand

Jhulin Bihari Apr 17, 2019
People with oily skin go through a tough time trying to maintain their skin health. The everyday struggles they go through annoys them to no ends. The skin feels tacky and sticky all year round. But folks, you are not alone, there are many souls who face this predicament daily.
For people with oily skin, avoiding the greasy and oil-dripping feeling is nothing short of entering a combat zone. All oil-free lotions, creams, serums have been tried, but nothing seems to provide permanent relief.
It is fairly common for people to be observant about your looks, and yeah, it may sound funny, but with time, you even get used to strange stares.
Surely, every time anyone stares at your oily face, you must be saying this to yourself, "Yeah buddy keep staring, I know my face is an oil refinery, need some oil to fry? Yep, you can borrow it for free! I shall be more than happy to help."

Your Face is a Canvas for Zits

You rub, you scrub, you wash, but still are unable to get rid of zits. They can pop up anytime and ruin your best laid plans for an upcoming event.
You try different hairstyles to cover the zits on your forehead. So bangs always come to the rescue, but this, unfortunately, instigates more zit growth.

Pillow Disaster

Every alternate day, your oily pillow needs a wash. Every time you sleep, grease and oil accumulates on it, and if pillow cases are not properly washed, then you invite more bacteria to your face.

Difficulty in Applying Makeup

People with oily skin need to choose the right kind of makeup. With every slight change in the weather, the choice for the makeup changes. Light makeup is always preferred because heavy makeup will surely end up in a glossy face.
So, at every party or special occasion, your compact and skin become best buddies. And if, by chance, you happen to leave your makeup on for the entire night, the next day, you are bound to see the oily version of yourself before the mirror.

Photogenic, What's That?

People with oily skin face the camera, their skin looks shiny, especially the t-zones, as if a hundred spotlights are focused on it, and all you get is light without any distinct face. For this reason when camera flashes, you choose to hide behind your friends.

Closet Stacked with Beauty Products

People with oily skin have their closet stuffed with oil-free products. Every product is meant for reducing the oil, and these cosmetics are essential to you.
Even during travel, these products are your best companions. You may forget to pack your lunch, but no way you will forget to pack these products.

Dermatologist's Number in Emergency Contact

You become that crazy person who can call your dermatologist in the middle of the night. But yes, thanks to you, with every appointment your doctor is becoming a millionaire.

"Splish Splash"

People with oily skin are ever ready for water "splish splash". You have that constant urge to splash water, every time when you move out of house or you return, all you want to do is wash your face.

Wet wipes/Blotting paper -Skin Savior

Wet wipes play a very important role in the daily beauty regime of people with oily skin. You cannot imagine leaving house without them.
All you guys must have done this at some point, that is, reached office without your wallet, you won't worry much , but without your wipes, the whole day is spent cursing and pulling your hair.