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Surprising Things Your Nail Shape Says About Your Personality

Ashmeet Bagga Jun 6, 2019
Now since the manicure rave seems to be dying, people have found something else to obsess about their nails. A new trend quotes that the shape of your nails may determine your personality. Find out what your nail shape says about your personality.
"Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her nails that make the statement."
―Tammy Taylor
Whenever we interact with somebody, we often observe their physical characteristics like color of their eyes, their hair color, the way they dress (is that a Gucci jacket?), also their height (are those ballet flats?), and we generally remember that person through these characteristics.
We judge a person by his/her facial expressions and body language, but there's one little detail we often overlook that can probably give us more insight about their personality.
A recent Japanese trend suggests, that you can learn more about an individual's personality by looking at her/his nail shape. So, stop staring and appreciating her gorgeous manicured nails, and learn more about her personality too. As our WhatsApp status depicts our mood, our nail shape too can describe our personality.
By looking at the shape of the nails, one can figure out any deficiency or diseases, but who would have thought you can learn more about an individual's personality? Next time your manicurist asks you 'almond or square', indirectly she's asking you what type of a person you are! Well, make a wise decision.

Nail Shapes and Personality Types

Almond-shaped Nails

► Almond-shaped nails have rounded corners and slightly pointed towards the tip. They are the softer version of triangular-shaped nails.
► You are faithful and honest to yourself and to others.
► Classy and bubbly are the words that describe your personality. You have an excellent imagination, you are humble and kind towards others.
► Always courteous and polite, the only drawback being you run low on patience and tend to become short-tempered if things don't go according to plans.

Round-shaped Nails

► You truly are a kind and compassionate person, it's like compassion flows through your veins. It's fairly easy for you to gel with anybody. Caring for somebody is like gratification for you, yet you expect nothing in return.
► You seek harmony and peace in your life. Always cheerful and excited about things. If your friends get into an argument, you will be the first noble person to sort it out between them.
► Due to your laid back and calm attitude people will start taking you for granted, and would presume that you are easy-going.

Egg-shaped Nails

► These nails represents a mild and sweet soul who is filled with emotions, you should work on building your mental stamina.
► Individuals having these nails are generally non-aggressive, they don't believe in fighting.
► You try to avoid confrontation, you fear having an argument with anybody. You firmly believe that everything can be sorted out by calm discussions.
► You are more inclined towards your feminine side, clothes, babies, cooking excites you. You walk with grace and dignity. No matter how blue your life is, you still have the courage, and willpower to stand and fight against it.
► When it comes to romance, you are one hell of a sucker in pouring your love out. Be it lovely surprises or long handwritten beautiful love letters, you do it with love. For you, small things do matter a lot.

Square-shaped Nails

► Individuals having square-shaped nails are known to be confident and relaxed. They are practical and tend to look at things logically without being emotionally overwhelmed.
► You are courageous and don't care about people's opinion. You are headstrong when it comes to your beliefs and principles, and no challenge seems big enough.
► You are mentally strong, but when you do breakdown, you gracefully pick up the pieces and move on. Individuals with square nails are natural leaders, and love to lead people to the top if they wish to follow.
► You are hard-headed, and stubborn which seems to be a flaw, if you try to be more flexible, things may work in your favor.

Triangular-shaped Nails

► You are one hell of a dreamer, but your task does not just end in dreaming, you put efforts to make sure that your dreams do come true.
► You are highly talented and bestowed with unique creativeness. You prefer to be crazy rather than plain and boring.
► You are future-oriented and have already made a 5-year plan for your life. You change the surroundings to suit your style and comfort.
► Challenges are like a hobby for you, you hate it when somebody considers you inferior, and love to prove them wrong.
► You are overly-sensitive and don't like the company of indiscreet people.

Nails Broad Sideways

► You prefer simplicity and don't like to splurge on unnecessary things, you are low maintenance.
► Since you want to trim them everyday―keeping them short―you are known to be a perfectionist. You pursue perfection in everything you do.
► You have a conservative and reliable nature, and always like to stay on top of things. However, you tend to lack patience in life.
► This shape also says that such people are emotionally weak, and may suffer from any nerve-related disease later in their life.
► You speak what's on your mind, and sometimes, people may get offended.

Vertically Long Nails

► You are an ambitious person who has many goals to achieve in life. Though you may have already achieved some of your goals, you plan more goals, and go about your life accomplishing them.
► Your positive outlook to everything in life keeps you moving forward. You are independent, and create and break your own rules rather than following somebody else's.
► Your left brain is more developed and many times, you experience a conflict in the practical and emotional approach.
► Surroundings overwhelm you quickly, you tend to trust easily, so you have to be extra careful in that department.

Sword-shaped nails

► These nails tend to have a sword-like tip at their base. If you have such nails, you tend to work really hard to accomplish your goals, but you work hard for things even if you don't like it.
► Future oriented, you may particularly work for something if it benefits you in the future. However, you have two drawbacks, impatience and lack of co-operation.
► You simply detest people who are too laid-back and slow workers, but the world does not run according to your pace.
► If you want success you have to be more cooperative and patient.

Inverted Triangle-shaped nails

► You are generally very creative and innovative. Basically, if you want any new ideas or suggestion, individuals with this nail shape can be of great help.
► Things don't go unnoticed in front of them, you focus on the minute details too. So if you have even done minor changes in your appearance, they will be the first one to tell you.
► You may sometimes tend to be very pushy and want things to be done according to your pace and style.
On a concluding note though, we would like to mention the popular phrase, "looks can be, deceptive" so try not to judge a person by the shape of their nails. There's more to an individual's personality than the mere shape of his/her nails.