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Tips to Choose the Best Eyeliner

Kalpana Kumari Nov 20, 2018
Read on to know the types, way of selection, and method of application of an eyeliner.
Eyeliner is a cosmetic that is applied around the contours of the eyes to define and highlight them. Majority of its users are females. It is said that the first users of eyeliner were Ancient Egyptians and the Mesopotamians. They used to make a dark black line around their eyes with it.
There is a number of types of eyeliners available in the beauty stores, like liquid, powder-based, wax-based, and kohl. The liquid eyeliner is described as an opaque liquid that is applied around the eyes with the help of a tiny brush/applicator designed for this purpose. It usually comes in small bottles.
The powder-based eyeliner is actually a wood pencil, and it is mostly available in different dark matte shades. The wax-based variety is a soft pencil that contains wax. It is considered to be the best eyeliner by many people, as it is easier to apply in comparison with other types.
Kohl eyeliner is a soft powder which is again available in dark shades with matte effect. It comes in the form of pencil, loose powder, and even pressed powder. It is mostly used to make a smudge on the eyelids.

How to Choose

If you possess a normal skin, you do not need to spend much time to find the best-suited eyeliner for yourself. Just like most cosmetics, a good quality eyeliner will suit your skin.
However, if you have either dry or oily skin, you need to search well before purchasing one. For dry skin, go for wax-based or kohl-based eyeliner, as a liquid-based variety may crease on the eyelid and a pencil eyeliner may not long last.
The task of selecting an eyeliner becomes tougher if you have an oily skin. This is because, most of the varieties do not suit this type of skin. The over production of oil makes the eyeliner run down to your lashes and spoil the look of your face. However, a pencil liner can satisfy you to some extent.
Nowadays, the advancements in the cosmetic industry have introduced waterproof eyeliners. These are either water-repellent or sweat resistant. They are available in different forms for different skin types. Waterproof eyeliners are the demand of present age, and no doubt the best choice for any fashion-oriented woman.

How to Apply

There is a simple way of applying any type of eyeliner. You may follow the given instructions with some variation and your level of comfort. You may not do it nicely in the first few trials, but regular and proper practice is the key. Here are the standard ways to apply an eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pencil

Stand in front of a mirror and hold the pencil with your dominant hand. Close the eye on which you want to apply the eyeliner. Keep the other eye open, and put the pencil at the outer end of the closed eyelid.
Starting from this point, draw a line towards the inner end. Try not to break it in between. A pencil eyeliner does not take time to dry, and you can open your eyes right after. If you wish, you can apply it on the lower lid in the manner same as described.

Liquid Eyeliner

Prepare yourself to apply the eyeliner. Open the bottle of the eyeliner. The lid is provided with a soft brush. Hold the lid at the mouth of the bottle to drop the excess of the liquid.
Now, put the tip of the brush at the outer end of the closed eyelid. Draw a smooth line by moving towards the inner end. If the line breaks somewhere in between, reapply the liquid to give the line a smoother look. Keep your eyelid closed for a couple of seconds to allow the drying of the liquid. Perform these steps in the other eye.
The wax-based eyeliner can be applied more or less similarly in the way suggested in case of pencil or liquid eyeliner. You can make use of your finger or an applicator to meet the purpose.