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How to Apply Winged Eyeliner for Different Eye Shapes

How to Apply Winged Eyeliner for Different Eye Shapes

The winged eyeliner may seem like a notoriously tricky skill to master, but when you have BeautiSecrets at your side and the right makeup products with you, no one can stop you. Read the following post for a step-by-step tutorial to apply winged eyeliner for your eye shape.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
"Keep eyes open and hold a mirror downward to apply liquid liner or eye makeup with eyes open - it's much easier than squinting!"
― Charissa Keo, LORAC PRO Artist
There are probably hundreds of blogs and makeup tutorial sites filled with easy-to-follow tricks and tips for mastering the winged eyeliner. Majority of the techniques work wonderfully, and can help make your eyes stand out. But, have you given a thought to which type of winged eyeliner style suits your eye shape? Or does a concept like this even exist?

Well, it does, and that's what we want to direct your attention towards. Apart from giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply winged eyeliner for different eye shapes, we have a tempting image gallery waiting for you!
Winged Eyeliner and the Whole Shebang
First and foremost, you will have to gather all the products to apply on your eyes and the rest of the face. So, after you have applied the rest of the makeup, you will need either a pencil, liquid, cream-based, or gel eyeliner. Each of these products provide unique results, and hence, you'll need to try them all out one at a time to figure out which to use on a regular basis.

Although we have given 9  different eye shapes below, it doesn't mean that every woman on this planet can be put in one of these categories. Majority of us don't necessarily fit in just one category; instead, it's highly possible that many of us belong to more than one eye shape mentioned below. So, determine the shape of your eyes, and then go through the information provided in those sections.
Winged eyeliner for almond shaped eyes
Women with almond-shaped eyes can apply either thick or thin winged eyeliner. But what takes the style to the next level is to apply the eyeliner in your lower lash line as well. Although, remember to just line about ⅓ or halfway in from the outer corner of your eyes.
Almond shaped eyes
Woman with almond shaped eyes
Winged eyeliner for big eyes
Although this eyeliner style is mostly used to make your eyes look bigger and more open, women who are blessed with big eyes don't have to shy away from it. In fact, if you keep the 'wing' of the eyeliner short, thin, and closer to the outer edge of your eyes, you can transform your look instantly.
Woman with big eyes
Woman with big eyes
Winged eyeliner for close set eyes
Here, we recommend the double winged eyeliner for women with close-set eyes. But, if you happen to look closely, the two flicks do not touch or meet one another at all. This makes your eyes appear more open, and gives you a unique way to apply the eyeliner.
Woman with close set eyes
Woman with close set eyes
Winged eyeliner for deep set eyes
The flick in this style is more prominent, and will make your eyes pop (even if they are deep-set). Apply the liner with a pencil liner first, and then fill the color with a liquid liner so that it stays on for a long time. Also, when lining the bottom waterline, use a kohl pencil to get a thin, tight line.
Deep set eyes
Woman with deep set eyes
Winged eyeliner for downturned eyes
As the outer edges of your eyes appear slightly drooped, a long, thick winged eyeliner is the best choice for you. However, as you are about to draw the wing line, be sure to keep it parallel to your brow line. On the other hand, if you feel that a thick eyeliner is not your cup of tea (do try it once at least), you can apply a thin liner.
Downturned Eyes
Woman with downturned eyes
Winged eyeliner for hooded eyes
As there is not much space to work with hooded or droopy eyelids, you can either keep the liner thin with an outward flick, or try a more dramatic approach (like the one illustrated above). If you choose the prior style, remember to keep the liner thin and as close to the upper lash line as possible.
Hooded eyes
Woman with hooded eyes
Winged eyeliner for monolids
The same issue lies for women with monolids. The trick is to keep the liner thick all the way through, starting from the inner edges of your eyes. First use a pencil liner to sort of draw an outline, and then fill the space with either a gel or liquid liner. You can also use an eyeliner with a felt tip for a clean, slick application (provided you have super steady hands).
Woman with monolid eyes
Winged eyeliner for protruding eyes
Similar to the style mentioned for women with almond-shaped eyes, here too we want to apply the eyeliner on both the upper and lower lash line (remember, not the waterline). However, instead of just going in ⅓ way in, draw a thin line almost all the way through the bottom lash line. Just be careful not to join the upper and lower lines.
Protruding Eyes
Woman with protruding eyes
Winged eyeliner for wide set eyes
Last, but definitely not the least, wide-set eyes. This is one of our favorite ways of applying the winged eyeliner. Not only are you going to draw a classic, sleek flick, but we are also asking you to draw a thin liner halfway through starting from the outer corners of your eyes. And to top it all off, let's go ahead and draw a thin liner at the inner corners of the eyes as well. If that isn't sexy, we don't know what is.
Wide set eyes
Woman with wide set eyes
Dramatic Winged Eyeliner Styles
Being one of the most popular and sought-after eyeliner styles, it's essential that you master this skill at the earliest. Regardless of your eye shape, practice with gel, liquid, and cream-based eyeliners along with liner pencils to find the one you can use with ease, and get that perfect flick.
Beautiful Woman
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