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Crazy and Artistic Eye Makeup Ideas

Mamta Mule Oct 12, 2018
Crazy is the new normal, crazy is in, crazy is how you want to do it this time around! If you are not being crazy, you are boring. So unless you want to be caught up in the 'not-so-cool' bracket, try out these crazy eye makeup ideas.
Makeup trends keep changing and there are many followers of each of these. Be it something very cool or extremely weird, you can see many opting for each of these. Crazy makeup is one such trend that is catching up.
Not apt for just any event or occasion, it's definitely worth a try on special occasions when you can don the funkiest look. If you are up for it, you are sure to love the creativity and the artistic strokes of those eye pencils and eye shadows worked on the canvas of your eye lids.

Ideas to Try

Inspired by Nature

How about adding those classy elements of nature to your makeup? Add your favorite flower to your eyes and give them an out-of-the-crowd appearance.
You can also creatively use yellow and green colors to have a leaf designed on your eyelids.Blending and merging the shades well, will help give them an ultimate look.
How about a butterfly design gracing your eyelids? This can start from your eyelids and extend over your forehead if you want to go all the way.

Glitter All the Way

Use glitter makeup for this look. If the eyeshadow has a powder base, apply two coats on the eyelid. Enhance it with a contrasting eyeliner.
Gold glitter eyeshadow will look great with a black eyeliner. If you are using a very liquid base, apply a coat of white eyeshadow, very lightly, on your eyelid.
Apply a single coat of glitter eyeshadow. Use a glitter mascara for enhancing your eyelashes.

Rainbow of Colors

Pick those funky shades from your eye shadow kit and start applying them over your eyelids.
You can go for common combos like yellow, orange, faded green, red, or unique combos like aqua blue, purple, black, white, and aqua green. You can have these applied in horizontal or vertical stripes.
Make sure you merge the strokes slightly, instead of keeping them very defined. Finish by adding a colorful eyeliner and colorful eyeshadow. Remember, if you use a metallic eyeshadow, use metallic eyeliner and mascara for a colorful getup.

Animal Prints

How about leopard prints on your eye lids? This is one of the most popular ideas for a funky look.
You can also add black and white eyeshadow and create a zebra print. Black on white or vice versa is your choice! By perfectly applying shades of black yellow and orange color, you can have a unique lioness print over your eyes.

White Magic

You will basically be using white makeup for this. Start by curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Next, take white eyeshadow, you can go for the one in metallic or pearlescent tone.
Apply 2 - 3 coats of this eyeshadow and proceed. Take a white eyeliner, preferably liquid. Line your eyes with it properly. Believe me, white eyes look totally crazy and otherworldly.

Essential Tips

>>Choose a light and a very deep color, such as yellow and green. Remember deep green which looks almost black.
>>Apply the lightest shade of yellow over the inner corner of your eyelids, 2 - 3 coats to highlight your eyes neatly.

>>For the tips of the butterfly wings, use the deepest shade of green. You can extend the wings slightly above the eyebrow.
>>Also, outline the wings with a similar shade of eyeliner. Apply medium tones of green and yellow to cover the free space in between both the corners. Merge well. Now, take a new shade like metallic green or blue for the dots on the eyelids and above your eyebrows. Use the same for a few dots below lower lids.
>>Add a metallic yellow eyeliner and some green mascara.

>>Give a finishing touch with colored contact lenses. Blue or green is a great color to go for to complement this look.
You can explore your creativity and add your ideas to these. There are also temporary eye makeup tattoos available in various prints, including animal prints, which can be easily used. Start exploring, go wild, and don't stop!