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Presentable Everyday Makeup Tips And Tricks for Brown Eyes

Everyday Makeup for Brown Eyes
Being presentable is an unsaid rule of the professional world, and makeup helps a lot in this. To learn some tricks and trips about everyday makeup for brown eyes, read on.
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Last Updated: Jul 4, 2017
Earlier, women would put on makeup only for special occasions, which was mainly used to hide their flaws. Now, however, it has become an everyday necessity. Especially for a working woman, looking fresh and pleasant is very important. Though one can look presentable even without makeup, the freshness does not remain the whole day. However, makeup can stay for hours with a few touch-ups. But, eye makeup consumes a lot of time, which most of us cannot afford every morning. Everyday makeup routine also takes more efforts than occasional makeup, as it is expected to be more natural and undramatic. Many women are not aware of this fact, which is why we see bright and colorful women around us everyday. If you do not wish to be a living example of makeup-gone-bad, scroll down.
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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes
If you want your makeup to be subtle and moderate, it is important to put minimum amout of it on the face. Instead, concentrate on the eyes and use eye makeup in such a way that it looks moderate but attractive. You can achieve this by using the following ideas. Though these ideas are especially for brown eyes, girls with a different eye shade can also try it.
Step To Make Up For Woman
1. Start with the moisturizer. Any makeup can stay long and look nice only if the skin is properly moisturized. Makeup cracks on dry skin, so generously apply moisturizer all over the face. Those with oily skin can use an oil-free moisturizer.

2. Apply a good primer on the entire face, except for the eyelids and lips. Primer helps the makeup stay longer. However, do not use too much of it, as it can spoil the natural look.

3. When you are done with the primer, apply foundation dots all over the face. Do not be generous while applying foundation though. Remember that the foundation should match your skin tone, and not make it look cakey or white. After this, wait for a few seconds, check for empty spots or harsh lines, and apply little more foundation wherever necessary. Also, brush off the harsh lines and then move to the next step.

4. Dust a little bit of powder all over the face so that the foundation stays in place and does not lose its effect for long. Now, apply a peachy pink shade of blush only to the cheekbones, blending outwards. Remember, the cheeks should look natural pink and not red. It should look like you are blushing naturally. Peachy pink color complements brown eyes, however, you can experiment with different shades too.

5. We now move to eye makeup. To achieve a natural look, apply brown or blue eyeshadow over the entire lash. Start applying it from the inner corner and end below the brow bone. Some other eyeshadows for brown eyes are shades like gray, vanilla, plum, etc. They can help to achieve a natural look. If you are keeping the face makeup to a minimum, you can apply champagne eyeshadow, as this will give a shimmery look, attracting attention to the eyes. However, avoid dark shades if the rest of your makeup is dark.

6. Make use of a liquid eyeliner to make the eyes look defined and the lashes thicker. Plum, navy, soft pink, black, charcoal, etc., are some of the shades that will suit brown eyes. Avoid using shimmery shades as they give a dramatic look to the eyes. You can use them for an evening party. One of the easy tips is to make use of lighter shades so that they do not hide the beauty of your eyes.

7. Next comes the mascara. Curl the lashes before applying mascara, as this makes them look wide open, giving a bigger look to the eyes. Blue and brown shades are best suited for brown-colored eyes. These two shades complement the brown color, enhancing its beauty. Traditional black mascara can also be used.

8. The last step is the application of lipstick. Choose a shade that is a bit darker than your natural complexion. As such, pink and peach are the best shades. If you are not in favor of using lipsticks, you can also opt for lip balm or lip gloss.
These were some of the best everyday makeup tips for brown eyes. You will hardly need 10 minutes to finish the entire routine once you have practiced it a couple of times.