Homemade Face Moisturizer Recipes

Here are some natural homemade face moisturizer recipes for dry skin, sensitive skin, sunburned skin, and acne-prone skin. Read on to acquaint yourself in this regard.
Your skin is your first barrier against many bacterial and viral infections. Hence, keeping your skin well hydrated and moisturized gives it an extra protection. Also, it will help you maintain a beautiful and healthy looking skin. There are many skin moisturizers available these days. However, the commercially available ones are a cocktail of chemicals, and even if they claim that they contain natural ingredients, their amount is absolutely inconspicuous. Though the commercially available face moisturizers smell and look great, they still contain chemicals. If you want a safe and natural moisturizer for your skin, then consider using a homemade one. Mentioned below are five recipes that you can make use of.
Face Moisturizer for Sunburned Skin/Sensitive Skin
Aloe vera gel is one of the best facial skin care product. It is very mild and is an excellent moisturizer. It can even help in recovering from sunburns and preventing skin irritation. To use aloe vera as a moisturizer, you can buy aloe gel jars, and apply it on your face whenever you want. However, for sunburns, use fresh aloe leaf gel. To do this, take a fresh aloe leaf and slice it lengthwise. Then, take a spoon and scoop out the gel into a bowl, and apply this gel to the face liberally. Do this 4 - 6 times a day. This gel also works great on a sensitive skin. The moisturizer recipes mentioned below can also be used; however, if you are prone to nut allergy, then avoid using them.
Dry Skin Moisturizer
To make a nice moisturizer for dry skin, use shea butter. You can easily find natural face moisturizers in stores. Do not go for the refined variety, as it lacks a lot of nutrients. For an ultimate skin care, use pure unrefined shea butter. In a bowl of shea butter, mix 6 drops of patchouli oil. This will make this moisturizer for dry skin smell great. This cream can be filled into a small container, and you can carry it with you when you are traveling.
Face Moisturizer for Extremely Dry Skin
If you have an extremely dry skin, so much so that even cracks show up, then nothing works better than using an oil. A regular use of oil for moisturizing will give a healthy glow to your skin. Buy a 100% natural olive oil, and if you can get the organic variety, then nothing like it. You can mix some essential oils to make it more fragrant and nourishing. Take a 200ml bottle of olive oil and mix 30 drops of essential oil in it and mix it well. This will make a refreshing natural moisturizer for the face. Moreover, you can also use it for body skin care during winters. To do this, after you taken a shower, pat your skin and but don't dry it completely. Then, apply the moisturizer olive oil liberally on your face, lips, and the rest of the body.
Moisturizer for an Acne-prone Skin
If you have an acne-prone skin, then do follow the succeeding recipe carefully. To make this moisturizer, mix jojoba oil and tea tree oil in a 10:3 proportion, and apply it to your face and avoid using it near your eyes. Apply this moisturizer twice a day. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and jojoba oil is a light oil. These two together work as a great acne remedy and moisturizer.
It is best to apply a moisturizer on a damp skin. So, wash your face and pat it a little and then apply the moisturizer on the face and lips. Do this twice a day to maintain a beautiful looking skin. Regular moisturizing helps prevent dryness and even signs of aging.