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Best Moisturizer for Acne

Best Moisturizer for Acne

Finding the best moisturizer for treating acne is an important step to avoid further acne breakouts. Picking a moisturizer specially formulated for acne prone skin not only helps avoid acne, but also helps improve the skin condition. Here are some tips to help you find the best product in this category.
Mamta Mule
If you have acne prone skin, you need to take excess care while choosing any of the skin care products. While a deep cleansing face wash and a hydrating moisturizer has no alternative and is the most essential part of your skin care routine, choosing the best of these is essential. Well, I know that you are here to find out the best moisturizer for acne that's available in the market right! Mentioned below are a few points that will help you pick the right product. Also find a list of the top rated moisturizers for acne prone skin in the last section.

What Makes the Best Moisturizer for Acne

Well, I need not mention that the best moisturizer will rightly moisturize your skin. But while you choose a moisturizer for acne, it must moisturize your skin without leaving it oily and greasy. The cream or lotion must get absorbed in the skin after a quick and gentle massage. As oily skin is most prone to acne, a moisturizer that does not lead to oiliness is best pick. Well the simplest thing to do is read the label. So, instead of blindly picking the best moisturizer for dry skin with acne after watching a catchy advertisement, why not do a quick research. All you need to do is read the label and look for words like 'for acne', 'non-greasy', 'oil-free' and 'hydrating'. Finding a non-comodogenic product is essential to avoid acne breakouts. A non-comodogenic moisturizer is the best for acne prone skin as it does not clog the skin pores, hence restricting any chances of acne formation. Avoid thick and creamy products which might lead to an oily effect. Best to opt for gels, lotions or serums which are lightweight.

Here are a few more tips that will help you pick a moisturizer that also helps fight acne. Moisturizers that offer some extra elements to keep your skin protected from extreme environmental factors are best for acne prone skin, like those with a sunscreen protection factor are good picks. You can also grab the ones with ingredients like retinol, benzoyl peroxide antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid and exfoliating ingredients which cure acne and also improve the overall skin texture. Make sure that you use the ones with formulations including any of these ingredients only if a topical acne cream is not being used. There are some higher range moisturizers for acne which also form a good base for makeup. You can opt for these if you apply makeup regularly. Browse through tinted moisturizers for acne which will restrict the use of other makeup products, hence keeping your skin in good condition.

Best Moisturizers For Acne
  • Olay Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion SPF 15
  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Anti-Acne Moisturizer
  • Murad Anti-Aging Moisturizer - SPF 20
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
  • Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer - SPF 20
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
  • Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer - SPF 30
  • Clean & Clear Advantage Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer
Finding a moisturizer that's best for acne prone skin is not a tough task. Once you start using a moisturizer, you must keenly observe your skin condition. If the acne aggravates or application of the moisturizer causes irritation, itching and redness, it's best to discontinue its use. Taking advice from your dermatologist is the best way to have the right product for your skin condition. Using a trial pack or the smallest pack of any moisturizer is good idea while you test a new product on your skin. If the same gives you good results after using it at least for a week, you can opt to continue its use.