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Makeup Techniques for Brown Eyes to Glitz Up Your Look

Makeup Techniques for Brown Eyes
Are you looking for makeup ideas to add definition to your beautiful brown eyes? Then these makeup techniques for brown eyes are your go-to tips and tricks.
Deepa Kartha
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2019
Using makeup doesn't only mean that one wants to conceal certain skin imperfections; it is also about amplifying certain features of one's face, by drawing special attention to them. Nowadays, makeup is believed to be an enhancement tool that helps accentuate one's facial features.
However, when a woman applies makeup, she must know how to put it on in the first place. A lot of people tend to mimic the colors of their outfit through their makeup, especially in garish tones like blue, green, and pink. Things like skin tone and eye color come into consideration, and not the colors of what you're wearing unless they're complementary.
Prepping Your Face Prior to Applying Makeup
Before applying makeup, don't forget to clean your face thoroughly with an exfoliating cleanser, followed immediately by applying moisturizer.
Makeup Artist Applying Foundation
Next, use a makeup brush to apply foundation, as a base for your makeup; find out if whether a cream-based or compact foundation is best suited for your face.
See to it that the foundation you select is a shade lighter than your actual skin tone; take a test sample of the foundation by applying a little of it on your neck, allowing it to blend completely―you shouldn't be able to see it in natural or soft light.
For those of you who have skin imperfections like blemishes or scarring, dab a little concealer on these areas after applying a layer of foundation.
Eye Makeup Tutorial
According to makeup experts, brown eyes go well with practically any eye-makeup colors. If you have brown eyes, you can actually experiment with all sorts of colors to find one that's right for you. However, if you're still confused about how to do this, the following tips should help.
Eye Shadow
Brown Eye Make Up
Brown eyes has shades like light, medium, and dark, it is important to choose an eye shadow depending on the color intensity of your eyes.
Nevertheless, there are certain colors that look good when coupled with the color brown. A unanimous opinion by makeup experts suggest that the color brown itself is the safest color to opt for; beige and tan are great too.
Pink eye shadow (a soft, light shade) looks good against brown eyes, but your skin tone should ideally be either 'fair', 'pink-tinged', or 'pale'. Warm complexions don't work well with pink, but other colors that blend well with brown eyes include shades of green, blue, and purple, including bold colors like gold, green, and copper.
Macro Make Up
Brown eyes look fabulous when a contrasting color highlights them. One can look good by using a light-colored eye shadow with a dark eyeliner. The eyeliner colors that work for brown eyes are chocolate brown (for a soft look) and black (for a dramatic look).
Woman Applying Mascara
You can also try navy blue, copper, violet, or forest-green eyeliner colors. After you apply eyeliner, coat your lashes with mascara (again, find out which kind your lashes need before buying one; volumizing, lengthening, or defining).
Final Touches
Heavy eye makeup is usually for sundown before heading out for drinks or a party; the day is for lighter makeup that doesn't weigh you down all morning.
Woman Applying Lipstick
Depending on your skin tone, choose a lipstick color that complements your eye makeup. Neutral colors like nude or barely-there pink work for warm complexions, and you can sport a bold lip color post sundown. Coral, chirpy red, or bright pink, work well for women who carry these colors with confidence.