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Signs You Wear Too Much Makeup

Renuka Savant Apr 29, 2019
Times when your face looks like a live billboard for cosmetic giants calls for an immediate, if not frantic intervention from the sisterhood. Allow us to tell you when you're going the Gaga way.
Good makeup is the kind of makeup that doesn't look like makeup.
Before we get any deeper, let's just cover the whole point of why we wear makeup in the first place. This is what we could come up with -
  • To even out the complexion.
  • To highlight your best features.
  • To make it seem like this is the face you were born with.
Cosmetic companies have it in their best interests to have us believe that we absolutely need that neon lipstick, or that ocher eyeliner with glitter in it. But do we really?
Hmm. So, we have this situation where perception has a significant role to play. The makeup we wear should ideally be dictated by the occasion, the time of the day, and of course, should reflect our mood. To have these three blend effortlessly, results in a glow so radiant, that makeup really has nothing to do with it.
So, there it is, ladies. The very first, and perhaps only rule to knowing you've worn too much make up - you know it instinctively, the moment you glance at your cakey reflection in the mirror. And speaking of cake, here's the first sign that reeks of too much makeup.

5 Signs of Overdone Makeup

This is your idea of dramatic eyes ...

There are some things, which are best left to all those skinnies featured in the glossies. And this look is somewhat like it. If you wish to don the au naturel look, please steer clear of these shenanigans. As appealing as this look may seem in a magazine, to have a face like that move around you is scary, to say the least.

This is what happens when you smile ...

Ooops-a-daisies, not that we're anti-red lipstick in the slightest, but it does have the potential to ruin your otherwise perfect look. This is what happens when you slather on layers of your favorite red, without letting it set on a powered base.
Want to wear a fiery red on your lips? Line your lips with a red pencil, then dab on some powder within the outline. On this, carefully apply your favorite red lippy, and dab it with a tissue to let it set. Slather it you shall not. Ever.

This is what you do all day ...

In this day and age, where most of our makeup products are designed to last the day, you find yourself doing touch-ups, on the hour, every hour. It's almost got to the point where you're never empty-handed - there's always a lipstick, or a blusher, or an eye pencil, or a mascara wand that's perpetually stationed in your hand, painting away furiously.

Your face looks like a pancake ...

... but not the edible kind. The off-putting kind, more like. You know you've overdone the foundation when your face looks as if it does not belong to the rest of your body.
We carefully apply a concealer and foundation, spreading it on the face and neck. Only to have it sharply contrast with the tone of our arms. It is a dead give away.

You never seem to have enough ...

If you find yourself taking a trip too many to replenish your stocks, it is time for a revaluation. Standard-sized jars are expected to last for a month or two at least.
So, if you find yourself staring at empty pots of goop ever so frequently, just for a moment apply some thought to why it's happening, and should it really be happening.
Makeup, as mentioned earlier, is entirely a personal choice. And as a woman with her own mind, you are in the best position to judge how much is actually too much. Let your instinct draw the line, instead of that makeup wand you're currently holding.