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Things Only Women Who Don't Wear Makeup Will Understand

Smruti Hingnikar Apr 23, 2019
Women who do not wear makeup very often, or very much, have their own set of struggles and perks. It is always an individual's own choice regarding one's looks and the cosmetics she wants to use (or not) for makeup. But, whatsoever, girls are just pretty either ways.
In the melee of girls who look immensely pretty with all their makeup, and are in the process of curating hacks and tricks of their own, there exist a small and rare species of women who do not wear makeup! Here is a brief interaction between the two that lists out the sorrows and joys experienced by them.
Makeup: "You look pretty in makeup. Why don't you wear it daily?"
No-Makeup: " 'cause then what will be the difference. I will look pretty much the same everyday! No change, no variety!"
Makeup: "Check this new mahogany lipstick I bought today!"
No-Makeup: "But you already had this color?"
Makeup: "That's wine color, dear."
Makeup: "I can't be there in 10 minutes, I'm not ready."
No-Makeup: "That you won't be, even after an hour."
Makeup: "You have got a nice jawline. Why don't you try contouring to highlight it more?"
No-Makeup: "Ummm... Contu.. What?"
Makeup: "Why don't you put #NO-MAKEUP SELFIE on Instagram?"
No-Makeup: " 'cause there is no difference in any of my with or without-makeup selfie! I'm almost the same anyway; gorgeous!"
Makeup: "I got these 2 fantastically awesome shades of Orly and Chanel at 700 bucks! Isn't that a great deal?"
No-Makeup: "Wow, that could buy me 4 pizzas, 1 coke, 2 flip-flops and a couple of movie tickets"
Apart from these, here are some regular boons you come across...
- Cry your heart out without having to bother about scaring people with your smudged mascara.
- Eat freely without having to think about messing your lipstick.
- Buy a lot more time to sleep before getting up, as compared to other girls.
- Do not worry about stained pillows after waking up.
- Your guy will never get annoyed for spoiling his blazer with the layer of waxes you put on your face. Because you don't put any.
- You can stun people by applying a minimal and decent amount of makeup occasionally.
- Guys find it comparatively easy and comfortable to talk to you, as you appear genuine to them.
- You will be more familiar with your flaws and will know how to deal or be fine with it!
- Your skin breathes pretty easy.
And some problems too...
- You feel pretty lost and nauseated near the makeup counters.
- You cannot apply mascara without looking like a panda.
- You are absolutely clueless about the difference between a sunblock and a sunscreen!
- Trying to apply eyeliner will end up making you look punched in the face!
- Your best guy friends will suddenly be conscious if you apply makeup some day. "Why are your lips so red?" or "You look like a girl today!"
- You are conveniently labeled as not being so 'girly'.