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Essential Makeup Tips to Conceal Rosacea

Mukta Badipatla Apr 29, 2019
Rosacea is a disheartening skin problem that many women face. Although there is remedial cure for rosacea, applying makeup to the face is an instant remedy. However, there are things to be considered in this regard. Let's see some essential makeup tips to conceal rosacea.

Strictly Avoid

Usage of facial peels, rough towels, harsh scrubs, or bar cleansers can make rosacea worse.
Rosacea, also known as acne rosacea, is an abnormal skin condition that causes redness of the skin.
The causal factors of rosacea could be the abnormality in the blood vessels under the affected skin, excessive heat or sun, higher number of Demodex folliculorum present on the skin, or unnatural resistant response by the skin due to excessive use of hormonal creams.
Rosacea if left untreated can become chronic. Chronic rosacea is responsible for ocular rosacea, which leads to burning sensation of the eyes along with the symptoms of rosacea.
Proper medication for rosacea is not only necessary, but also important. But how about trying makeup along with medication? We are sure that applying makeup with caution can help you in bettering your appearance. Here we present to you with leads and tips to feel sure-footed and confident against this skin problem.

How to Conceal Rosacea with Makeup

Cleaning Your Face

When you wipe your face, make sure not to rub the skin with the towel as this can dry your skin extensively, thereby causing irritation. Also, remember that selection of sponges and brushes for makeup has to be done carefully. Antibacterial tools and equipment are the best for people affected with rosacea.


Before the makeup makes its way on to the face, the face has to be well-moisturized. The selection of the moisturizer has to be done according to the skin type. If you have an oily skin, refrain from using oil-based moisturizers, and go for water-based.


Now grab a sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater. It should offer broad-spectrum protection and also be water-resistant.
Buy a sunscreen that consists of zinc oxide and titanium oxide other than the antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients. If your schedule compels you to stay outdoors, under the sun, then application of sunscreen after every two hours is mandatory.

Green Primer

_A green-tinted primer is an example of a 'multipurpose single product'.
When used as a makeup base, it helps in covering the redness of the skin and evens out the skin tone. But while buying a green-tinted primer, go for the one which offers UVA or UVB protection. This will help you to skip the sunscreen lotion. What a lovely multi-function product! How about buying some candies with the money saved?

Foundation and Concealer

The next step is to apply the concealer and foundation.
Before you buy these, see that the concealer is one shade lighter than your skin, whereas the shade of the foundation should exactly match your skin color. While putting on these products, make sure that they are oil-free and have an aqua base.
The concealer is a must for a person with rosacea. Before applying foundation, give dabs of the concealer under the eyes and over the redness. All the bulges and marks can be hidden with this.
The brush which will be used to put on the foundation should be antibacterial. Avoid using your fingertips or sponge to apply it. If you are using a liquid foundation, squeeze out a little on the rear of your hand. Now, tap it with the brush and spread it evenly over your face.
You must start applying from the center of the face towards the outside. Blend it evenly. But if you are using a powder or cream foundation, swing the brush into the product and blend it over the face. Use the edges of the brush to gain access to the narrow areas like eyes and nose.

Corrective Makeup

Another method for covering the redness could be cover-corrective cosmetics. It is also known as paramedical makeup and contains pigments that match the skin tone.
Other than rosacea, it is used to cover up birthmarks, tattoos, burns, and eczema. The cover-corrective cosmetics act as a natural skin mask. They are also available in UV-A and UV-B sun guard formulations. You can try this for a perfect face.

Mineral Powder Makeup

Mineral makeup can also prove to be beneficial for rosacea. It is free of chemicals that cause irritation. All people who are dealing with rosacea, we have some great news for you.
Mineral makeup is also available in formulas that ward off the redness of the face. A yellow dust of these minerals can flawlessly act as a shield to cover up rosacea. It can also be used as a substitute for foundation.


When you go for blushers, do not overdo it. Keep it to the minimal. There are blushers in the market that are exclusively formulated for sensitive skin, and they exactly fit the bill for rosacea. Starting from the cheeks, swipe the brush upwards to the temples.

Neutral Eye Makeup

When you are ready for the eye makeup, here are a few tips you should keep in mind. If you have ocular rosacea, then make sure that your eye makeup is as soft as possible.
Again, eye shadows, mascara, and eyeliners that are specially designed for sensitive eyes should be used. These products have to be ophthalmologist-tested along with fragrance-free formulas.
Refrain from using eyeliners and mascaras that need strong removers to get off the eye. Eye shadows with hard metal colors have heavy chemicals and high pigments. Instead, you can go for neutral shades that have pigments to a lesser extent.

Neutral Lips

If you want your lips to be noticed, then apply a hint of gloss or a mild lip balm.
Dark lip colors are bombarded with pigments. So beware. Going neutral is always the way out for those with rosacea.

What Else You Need to Know

Always keep the usage of makeup to the minimal. Excessive ingredients and products irritate the skin and aggravate the condition. This is why utility of products with multiple benefits should be encouraged.
Don't just hurriedly slap on the new products on to your face. Apply a bit of the product on the back side of your ear, neck, or arm. Check if you feel any burning or stinging sensation. If you do, do not use the product.
A coat- of gel-based moisturizer or serum after removing your makeup will help the skin to sooth. Also, people with an oily skin can use this on their face before dozing off. If the cream consists of retinal, then it will help reduce the inflammation.
Do make it a point to splash your face with salicylic acid at least once a day. It will reduce the redness and also help ward off blackheads and acne. Some of the prescribed medicines used to treat rosacea are azelaic acid, Tazorac, and Renova.
Before buying any cosmetics, check if the ingredients contain alcohol, lemon, menthol, cedar, pine, or synthetic fragrances. Products with witch hazel, cinnamon, rosemary, and lavender should also be avoided. If they do, do not buy the products. It will have adverse effects on your skin.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only and should not be substituted for the advice of a medical professional.