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14 Remarkably Attractive Makeup Tips for Brunettes

Makeup Tips for Brunettes
Brown seems to be a lovely color to show off on your mane, but do you know how to match it with the right makeup? BeautiSecrets reveals the secret to look your best with some handy makeup tips for brunettes.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Eva Mendes, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, and Kim Kardashian? Well, apart from the fact that they are all drop-dead gorgeous, these celebrities are also beautiful brunettes with dark black and brown locks.

Going from blonde to brunette is not just about changing your hair color, but also choosing the right makeup that complements the color of your hair and skin tone. The good news for brown- and black-haired girls is that finding colors that complement your hair color is pretty easy since a lot of hues can work for you. There are some shades that not only accentuate your features, but also make your skin look flawless. Here are some artistic makeup tips that will help emphasize your natural beauty and highlight your best features.
Makeup Advice for Brunettes
Foundation and Powder

Brown hair has a lot of character and beauty of its own. All you have to do is complement your lovely hair with a flawless skin. The foundation should match the skin tone perfectly and make the skin look soft and evenly toned. Foundations usually come in golden- or blue-toned bases. So, while the liquid or pressed foundations with blue or pink undertones go well with cool skin, yellow base is perfect for warm skin.
  • While picking up the foundation, first try it on your face and view it in sunlight to check if it blends with the skin and gives a natural look.
  • While shades of copper, almond, and warm brown look good for olive- to yellow-complexioned skin, shades of peach, coral, apricot, and orange work great for tanned skin.
  • The golden foundation rule says that bolder colors would suit darker skin, while subtle colors work best for getting the natural look for fair skin.
  • To even out the skin tone and control the excess shine, wear a translucent powder to set the makeup. You could use a blush brush to spread the loose powder evenly, or just use pressed powder. If you are not using foundation, then a tinted complexion powder should be used for an even skin tone.
Bronzers and Blushes

Bronzers add definition and give a sun-kissed glow to your face especially when used sparingly. It can be a boon for a pale-skinned brunette as your warm cheeks match with your hair to transform your look.
  • Tones of blushes in warm, earthy pinks, berry tones, and rose-colored hues can be used on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Avoid light pink, apricot, and peach hues in blushes as they can make the skin look lifeless and old. It is also best to avoid orange shades of blush as it only brings forth facial imperfections.
Eye Makeup

While choosing eye shadows, the key is to match it with your specific shade of hair color, so think mocha, coffee, and chocolate brown, or any other natural shade. The light, earthy shades balance the dark brown shades of the hair. You can also choose a shimmering palette to add more depth. However, for adventurous eye makeup, shades of brunettes, plums, deep blues, forest greens, golden pinks, or burgundies can work great too. If you've got the skills, gray smokey eyes will look great on brunettes. Along with the hair, the makeup should suit your eye color as well.
  • Makeup for dark brown-eyed brunettes: Eye makeup for those with brown eyes should include eyeshadow colors in blue (all shades), gold, pink, red (dark), chocolate brown, taupe, aqua, gray (dark), lime green, orange, turquoise, black, and purple.
  • Makeup for brunettes with hazel eyes: Hazel-eyed brunettes can try eyeliners and eyeshadow shades in aquamarine, tan, sage green, orange, purple (creamy-light), gray (light), aqua, hazel, and rosy light pink.
  • Makeup for blue-eyed brunettes: Eye makeup in this case should include eyeshadow colors in blue, pink, gray, turquoise, navy, peach, lime green, purple, tan (light), sheer greens, brown (light), black.
  • Makeup for brunettes with green eyes: Try using shades of aquamarine, green (all shades), brown (all shades), hazel, mauve, plum, aqua.
  • The only colors to watch out for are white, light blue and light pink as they can wash out the complexion of a brunette. Team the bright eye makeup look with black or brown colored mascara and eyeliner.
Lip Colors

Whether your hair color is a rich, deep espresso, warm chocolate brown or light brown, you can find lip colors to suit your hair color and skin tone.
  • Dark-skinned women with dark brown hair can opt for vibrant deep reds, burgundy, and metallic- and wine-colored lipsticks, while women with light skin tone and dark hair will look gorgeous in peach, neutral, and light brown lip colors.
  • In case you have light brown hair and warm skin tone, your lip color can be bold so that your skin color does not really clash with your hair.
  • You can also pucker up in shades of berry, plum, golden pink, brown-pink, fuchsia, sheer coral, wine, or shimmering mocha.
  • A dash of gloss over ruby or rose lipstick works great. Avoid (or rather throw out) your frost, overtly shimmery pink lipsticks as they can make any brunette look pale and lifeless.

Finally, it is quite impossible to find the right cosmetics for creating a beautiful makeup look that suits all types and colors of hair, skin, and eyes to match everyone. These tips are just guidelines. Experimenting with makeup is the best way of finding the right shades that match and bring forth the beauty of your hair color. The most important thing is that you need to consider the individuality and image of the brunette you want to create.
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