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Cystic Acne Diet

Patients following a cystic acne diet should avoid eating dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Scroll down to know what can be included in this type of diet.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
Did You Know?
Eating meat sparingly and making fresh vegetables and fruits as the centerpiece of meals is very effective in controlling cyst acne. To simply put, a plant-based diet can work wonders to calm acne.
Cystic acne is a cause of great concern as it is more severe than the usually occurring acne. People suffering from this harshest form of acne have very large-sized pimples filled with pus on their face, back and chest. The skin also shows the presence of blackheads and whiteheads. Following a proper diet is the cornerstone of cystic acne treatment. It is discussed below:
Foods to Avoid
Dairy Foods
People with this severe form of acne should not consume pasteurized milk as it can make matters worse. Abstinence from milk and other dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and ice cream is very much essential to prevent further damage to the skin.
Spicy Foods
Spicy and junk foods loaded with unhealthy fats. They also contain a high amount of chili and pepper that can also worsen this skin condition. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid spicy foods to keep cystic acne in control.
High Sugary Foods
Intake of sugary and fried foods is also linked to worsening of acne. Chocolates are high in sugar level, and therefore should not be consumed as they are known to cause acne.
Foods Containing Refined Sugar
For a beautiful, luminous skin, it is often advised to stay away from foods containing refined sugar. This is because, refined sugar reduces firmness and elasticity of skin, thereby making it prone to wrinkles. Sucrose, maltose and fructose (often mentioned on the product label) are some of the common forms of refined sugar added in various processed foods. Moreover, acne be it minor or severe is likely to occur or worsen after regular consumption of refined sugar foods. Some of these are given below:
  • Candy
  • Doughnuts
  • Crackers
  • Mayonnaise
  • Sugary canned products (fruits, vegetables, soups)
  • Baked products that include pastry, cakes and cookies
  • Soft drinks
  • Jellies and jams
Caffeine and Alcohol
Acne specialists often tell their patients to stay away from alcohol, tea and caffeine. Intake of these foods in the diet will make it difficult to manage cystic acne.
Foods Containing Refined Carbohydrates
Eating too much of foods containing refined carbohydrates can also make you prone to skin problems like acne. Refined carbohydrates are primarily responsible for causing disturbances in hormonal balance, which often leads to formation of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. So, exclusion of these foodstuffs is crucial to prevent flare-ups of acne. They are given below:
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • White bread, white rice
  • Chips
Red Meat
People with deadly form of acne eating red meat is certainly a bad idea. These food products are acid forming, hard to digest, and hence the body won't be able to eliminate waste products effectively. This action will negatively affect the skin condition which will result in more acne. Processed meat that includes bacon, sausages, ham and even luncheon meat should also be avoided.
Foods To Include
Having plenty of vegetables and fruits can definitely contribute in getting rid of this type of acne. Vegetables high in vitamin A, promote cleansing of the face, repair the skin, thereby helping to get rid of cystic acne. Vegetables that contain a good amount of vitamin A are as follows:
  • Carrots
  • Apricots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin
  • Green leafy vegetables (cabbages)
Eating green leafy vegetables is essential to detoxify the body, thus helping to reduce acne. Drinking vegetable juices is not only good for health but also nourishes the skin and keeps the acne in control.
Increase intake of fresh fruits to clear cystic acne. Dried fruits and nuts can also be included in this diet to get rid of this type of acne. Fruits such as fresh berries, grapefruits and oranges are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C that rejuvenate and nourish the damaged skin cells.
Green Tea
Taking green tea can help clear as well as prevent outbreaks of acne. In China, intake of green tea is a well-known treatment for acne. The beverage inhibits secretion of sebum and destroys bacteria in skin infection like acne. No wonder, green tea is often included in cystic acne diet.
Salads being full of vegetables, its consumption can immensely contribute to improve cystic acne. Having large serving of vegetable salad is definitely necessary to lessen cystic acne.
Whole Grain Foods
Complex carbohydrates found in whole grain foods can help to combat acne effectively. So, if you are plagued by pimples, then it's time you drop refined carbohydrates and embrace complex carbohydrates.Following are some of the whole grain products:
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Barley
Few studies link gluten products with onset of acne. Hence, opting for whole grain gluten free products is recommended to prevent acne from worsening. Amarnath, millet, buckwheat and quinoa are some of the whole grains that do not contain gluten.
One can have fish (salmon) occasionally as they contain adequate amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which help to nourish the skin and calm acne.
Other than the aforementioned foods, having water in sufficient amounts is equally important. A person whose skin is infected with this severe form of acne should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Having plenty of water everyday is one of the best ways to combat cystic acne.
Cooking Techniques and Acne
The way you cook food can also play a crucial role in controlling cystic acne. Cooking methods like frying are bound to worsen cystic acne, so instead opt for steaming, roasting, poaching or boiling when it comes to preparing meals. Moreover, these cooking techniques also help to retain the nutritional value of the food.