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Infected Ingrown Hair Remedies

Infected Ingrown Hair Remedies

Using household products, the problem of infected ingrown hair can be brought under control. Read the following article to acquaint yourself with the various natural infected ingrown hair remedies that can be used for treating this skin condition.
Rutuja Jathar
One of the major ill effects of the several hair removal procedures is the emergence of ingrown hair. It is a condition in which the hair curls back and grows obliquely into the skin itself. It is the most commonly observed problem amongst those who remove unwanted hair using hair removing methods, like waxing and shaving.
Anything that results in the presence of short and sharp tips on the skin while waxing can lead to the presence of ingrown hair. Along with shaving and waxing, wearing extremely tight clothes is also one of the prime reasons for the development of this skin problem.
Symptoms Observed
There are several easy ways to recognize ingrown hair, which are infected. 

✔ These hair are in an embedded state, tend to cause a lot of irritation, and cause mild to severe pain. 

✔ There is an inflammation and ache, and both these symptoms are actually the localized response of the skin towards the ingrown hair. 
✔ Symptoms can manifest in the form of inflammation, irritation, pain, skin rash, itchiness and tingling of the affected part, and serious infection that can turn into a pus.

✔ In some serious cases, one can observe the presence of hard, irregular, and scarred tissue-like structures that need to be treated to ensure a healthy skin. 
How to heal an Infected Ingrown Hair?
In order to get relief from ingrown hair, one can resort to a lot of naturally available options. There are many herbs that can successfully treat this condition. However, before resorting to any of the remedial measures, you can follow the below-mentioned steps as soon as you observe the presence of ingrown hair:
  • Clean the affected area of the skin with a quality antiseptic.
  • Use a product that contains buffered fatty alcohol, an ingredient present in astringent.
  • Then, apply some topical anti-inflammatory cream.
  • If the condition is very painful, you can take an ibuprofen or any pain killer for a fast relief.
Various Remedies
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has always been a recognized herb, which has soothing properties. Application of aloe vera over the infected ingrown hair follicle can provide great results.

✔ Sugar Scrub
This is the best remedy for providing ingrown hair relief. Make a solution using 1 cup sugar + ½ cup extra virgin olive oil + 20 drops of jojoba oil, and apply this scrub over the affected part.
Mud Mask
Mud, due to its exfoliating properties, draws all the impurities out of the skin. A mud mask will not only soothe the inflammation, but will also change your overall complexion.

✔ Complex Polymyxin B and Tea Tree Oil
Both Complex Polymyxin B and tea tree oil are well-recognized products that are being used for their antiseptic properties. Their application, right after the process of body hair removal, can prevent as well as treat the problem.
Hair Fighters and Pimple Killers
There are several ingrown hair fighter beauty products and anti-pimple creams and lotions that can fight against the infection and prove to be a great remedy.
Preventive Measures
Instead of searching for remedies, it is always better to prevent a problem rather than treat it. Following certain easy precautionary measures will ensure that you don't get affected with the problem of infected ingrown hair.
  • Resort to newer methods of hair removal instead of the older ones.
  • Get rid of the old shaving blades and razors, as they can introduce bacteria on to the skin.
  • Use a quality scrub to remove dead skin, and take a shower before you wax or shave.
  • Another important point to be borne in mind is the technique of hair removal. Ensure that you do not apply too much pressure.
  • It is advisable to move the razor or hair removing instrument in the same direction every time you remove hair.
Hopefully, the article has provided you with the information you were looking for. However, if the skin condition doesn't show any signs of improvement with the help of the above-mentioned remedies, then it is better to get yourself examined and treated under the supervision of a health expert.
Disclaimer: This BeautiSecrets article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.