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Real-looking Bruise Makeup

Buzzle Staff Apr 23, 2019
It's time to scare your folks, Halloween is here! Get armed with makeup and make people go "ouch" as they see you!

The Bruise Kit

Making Cuts with Makeup

You'll need a red pen, red sketch pen, glue stick, toothpick, and foundation. Make a line with the red pen. Then, dab bluish eyeshadow over it. Darker the eyeshadow, deeper will the cut look. Use a toothpick to apply glue so that it resembles the skin.
Now, using a sponge, dab some foundation over it. Again dab some eyeshadow. Finally, use a sketch pen to highlight the blood or put a couple of drops of red ink. Your gash, with blood oozing out, is ready to scare people.

Making Bruises with Makeup

To pull off this bruise, all you need is an eye shadow in black, blue, and pink. Of course, sponge will help you get that perfect touch. Choose where you want to bruise yourself.
Start dabbing black eye shadow first. Then, add a little blue eye shadow to create a natural-looking bruise. Finally, apply a little pink for the perfect effect.

Making Black Eye with Makeup

"Oh! that must have hurt", is what people are going to say when you're done with this makeup. You'll need lots of blue and black eye shadow for this one.
Use a cream blush in red to create a more gruesome looking black eye. Start dabbing black eyeshadow with a sponge, then dab a little blue or purple eyeshadow. Use pink to achieve the perfect effect. Keep a story ready to tell people how you got hurt!