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Best Brushes for Mineral Makeup

Best Brushes for Mineral Makeup

Applying makeup is an art. To perfect this art, you should have the best brushes. Read on to know how to choose the best brushes for mineral makeup...
Aastha Dogra
As the emphasis nowadays is on going all natural, mineral makeup, which is sans any chemicals, preservatives and dyes and is made from minerals found in the earth, is widely used by women, all over the world. Mineral makeup has many benefits, such as, it is soft on skin, does not irritate it and is perfect for those who have skin problems like acne and rosacea. These are not the only benefits of applying mineral makeup, women who use it, vouch for the beautiful effect it produces on the skin. However, a lot of it has to do with the kind of brushes with which mineral makeup is applied.

Best Mineral Makeup Brushes

Choosing the right mineral makeup brush is very important, if you want the makeup to give you an even, natural look. When choosing brushes, go for the ones which set the product that you are applying in the brush, while expelling any excess product that is there. This will ensure that you do not get a cakey, over the top look. Here are the different kinds of brushes that you should invest in for applying mineral makeup:
  • To apply mineral makeup, one of the best brushes are those which have a long handle, with very soft and fluffy bristles made from goat hair. Because of the long handle, they are very easy to hold and apply makeup with. The full and fluffy bristles on top of the brush ensure a light, even coverage. Such brushes are the best for applying foundation, mineral veil and makeup covering the entire face.
  • To get perfectly defined cheeks, an angled face brush is your best option. As the name suggests, the bristles of such a brush are cut at an angle which makes it perfect to apply makeup in the contours of your cheek.
  • A Kabuki brush is one of the best brushes to apply mineral makeup. This brush is characterized by its trademark short stem, fluffy bristles and a flat head. Due to their shape and size, these are perfect for applying powder based foundation. Kabuki brushes are the best for getting fuller coverage.
  • There are specially designed concealer brushes, which work in smaller areas and cover everything, right from acne marks, pimples to under eye circles. Such brushes come with a long, thin handle and bristles shaped like an inverted C on top.
  • Brushes to apply eyeliner come in three varieties. The ones with which you can apply a thin line, those meant for a thick eyeliner application and lastly, the ones with which you can give your eyes a smoky effect. So, choose a makeup brush depending upon the effect that you want to create on your eyes. These days, double ended eye makeup brushes are available too. With its one end, you can apply eyeliner and with its other end, you can apply an eyeshadow.
  • Lip brushes are made from very soft bristles. They are used to blend in the lip liner and the lipstick. The ones which come with tapered bristles are the best lip brushes as they allow flawless application of the lipstick and the lip gloss.
These days, eco-friendly mineral makeup brushes are all over the market. They are made from recycled aluminum ferrule and soft taklon bristles. So, you can invest in such brushes, if you believe in ending cruelty against animals. Otherwise, some of the famous brands in the mineral makeup brushes category are Bare Escentuals, Everyday Minerals, Signature Minerals and Makeup Forever. The brushes of all these top brands are great to use and shed very less bristles. They can give your face a flawless look, so you can go in for any of these.

Here's hoping that with the information given above, you are able to choose the best brush. A makeup brush for full coverage, one for applying eye makeup and another for concealing the flaws on your face, are a must have in your kitty. With their correct usage and application of good quality mineral makeup, you can make yourself look like a Diva, within minutes!