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Best Epilators

Best Epilators

The best epilator should be durable and handy. This article gives you the reviews of the different epilators available in the market.
Torque Earnest
Epilators are an excellent alternative to the conventional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. Before we look at the different epilators let me tell you the difference between a depilatory process and epilators. Although many think that they are one and the same, they are not.

Epilator is an electrical instrument that has rotating razor blades in them. It is rolled over the skin for hair removal. All you have to do is just switch it on and place it on the body part and slide it along the length, in the opposite direction of hair growth. Depilatory creams are products that dissolve the hair superficially, whereas an epilator plucks out the hair from the roots.

As far as the pain is concerned, it is the same caused by waxing but with less intensity. It is also milder as compared to waxing because, in waxing the strip that takes off the hair also takes off the uppermost layer of dead skin.

Let us go through the best epilators available in the market.

Braun Soft Perfection Epilator 8790U
One of the pioneers of epilators, Braun tops the chart for making the best epilators in the market and the Soft Perfection Epilator 8790U has a very high satisfaction rate among the users. It keeps the hair from coming back for about a month. Though one complaint is about the noise it generates. It costs around $50.

Another product from this company is the Braun Silk epil X'elle 5000 Epilator which costs around $55 - $75. This particular product has massaging rollers, and a spotlight, an essential feature for the epilator for legs.

Philips HP6453 Satin Ice Optima Epilator
Ranking in the top in almost all the customer reviews, this product is reported to pluck out even the tiniest of hair from your body. Shaving is not required at all once the epilator has done its work and it is also being recommended as the best epilator for the bikini area. It comes for around $45.

Another product from the same company is the Philips HP6408 Satinelle Epilator costing around $40. Both the products from Philips are very durable and long-lasting and are also very easy to use and clean.

Emjoi Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover
This epilator is easy on your pocket costing around just $11 and is also very comfortable to use because of its size and shape. It is battery operated and is recommended as a very good option for bikini area as it is gentle and has a special narrow blade.

Please note that the prices here are the maximum retail prices and different dealers offer various discounts.

Demerits of Epilators

Although there are not many significant drawbacks of epilators, even the best of them do not offer skin exfoliation. So, after the process is done, you need to scrub your skin for avoiding ingrown hair.

Secondly, the process is quite slower to that of waxing because even after the process, some hair is still on your skin.

These were the reviews of the best epilators in the market. Hope they helped and provided enough overview for buying the best for yourself.