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Best Lip Balm

The best lip balm is the one that will suit the lips and have the maximum properties to protect them from the cold.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Lip balm, also called lip salve or lip moisturizer, is a sort of cosmetic that is used as a topical product for application over lips to keep them moist and relieve them of chapping, drying, and getting affected by the cold. There are various ingredients to make them, but mainly, it is a compilation of petroleum jelly, beeswax, camphor, menthol, some scented oils, essential oils, vitamins, salicylic acid, alum, and/or aspirin. Well, all these ingredients are not combined, but they are substituted with one another as well. As a matter of fact, the first one of this kind was made from earwax, with undesirable taste.
The main function of lip balms is to form an occlusive layer upon the surface of the lips. This process helps in sealing the moisture and stopping the constant exposure of the lips to the harmful external factors, like air, sunlight, dirt and pollutants, etc. To evade you with the trouble, there are way too many manufacturing companies that claim their individual superiority.
Factors to be Considered
A good lip balm is made using organic and natural ingredients. The more natural ingredients, the lesser harmful it is, as there will not be place for the chemicals and other substances that can prove to be a potential harm for the lips in the long run. The product will be the one that is less medicated. Some natural substances, like menthol and camphor do give that tingling feeling to the lips, but they also can cause an addiction.
Another important aspect is the SPF factor. The sun protection factor in all the beauty products make sure of the degree to which they are capable of protecting you from the harmful sunrays. The body is covered with several skin layers, but when it comes to the lips, they are covered with one of the softest possible layer. Hence, they need to be protected more than the other body parts. Therefore, the lip moisturizer must help the body with its correct SPF degree, like SPF more than 15 and within the range of SPF 30.
There are several organic cosmetics amongst which one can choose the best. They are hemp, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, beeswax lip balms, and the ones that are made avoiding several harmful substances, like gluten, paraben, lanolin, etc. While buying, make sure you go for the ingredients and benefits rather than the brands.
There are many recipes that one can easily access on the internet, and make a balm using some household products and avoiding harmful chemicals as well. Try this simple recipe to make the lemon lip balm. Melt ½ teaspoon beeswax on lower heat, and add a tablespoon petroleum jelly to it. Stir the mixture well and stop heating it. Fill the desired container, and add some of the lemon essential oil in it and cool it down.
Some brands, like Carmex, Chapstick, Softlips, Blistex, Mary Kay, Burt's Bees, Aveeno, Merry Hempsters, La bello, Nueva, Nivea, Vaseline, MedEx, Lip Smacker, and many more are very popular amongst customers. Most of these have managed to maintain SPF within the range 15 to 30, and they also contain the natural ingredients that do not cause any harmful aftermaths on the lips.
There are a few things that a person can do to make sure that he won't need the trouble of finding the best product in the first place. Enough vitamin E levels in the body, balanced diet, things that will avoid dehydration from within, like drinking plenty of water, will keep the lips naturally healthy and moist.