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Best Liquid Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Best Liquid Makeup for Sensitive Skin

Choosing a liquid makeup for a sensitive skin depends on many factors. You should analyze your skin before applying a foundation on it. We have provided you the tips on selecting the right kind of makeup and also some products that suit a sensitive skin.
Saptakee Sengupta
If the selection of makeup cosmetics go wrong by any chance, then they would definitely take a toll on your sensitive skin. Thus, a day's effort to look beautiful would ultimately cause acne, rashes and pimples to burst open. Being extremely vulnerable to the side effects of the ingredients present in foundations, compacts, concealers and other types of makeup materials, a sensitive skin requires extra attention. While speaking of liquid makeup, we actually consider a liquid foundation, which forms the base of the makeup. Since the foundation is applied directly on your skin, it often shows a reaction against it.

Choosing the Right Liquid Makeup
  • Whether you are choosing a mineral foundation or a chemical based product, ensure that it is especially formulated for a sensitive skin. Foundations that are hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory in nature are considered to be safe on a sensitive skin.
  • Also a non comedogenic foundation is ideal for a sensitive skin as it doesn't clog the pores present in your skin. This further prevents popping of acne and pimples. The good effects are more pronounced when they also contain anti-bacterial properties.
  • You should never apply a foundation that is blended with bismuth oxychloride. This chemical can be toxic to your skin, especially if you have severe rosacea and acne problems. Instead, you can look for products containing zinc oxide and extracts of aloe vera.
  • In most cases, a sensitive skin is oily. Therefore, purchase a foundation that is meant for an oily and sensitive skin, both. A Liquid makeup that ensures UV protection are recommended for a sensitive skin. You can apply such products during day hours as well.
Best Liquid Foundation for Sensitive Skin

You can follow the aforementioned tips while buying a foundation for your sensitive skin. While buying a liquid mineral makeup, ensure that the ingredients are completely natural. Pick up a foundation that is one shade lighter than you are the natural tone of your complexion. Dab on a few drops of the liquid on your palm and blend it on your face in a circular motion. Merge it well with a soft cotton or a makeup brush to give a natural touch to your face. Here are some products that you can opt to buy.
  • NARS Balanced Foundation: The 'oil-in-water formula' is a unique property of this product. The foundation is enriched with skin vitamins and conditioners, that preserve the natural glow of your skin. The liquid is extremely light as it's an emulsion of oil and water. All these properties make your skin look radiant and flawless.
  • Lancome Teint Adaptive SPF10: It has been formulated with skin balancing properties, that suit a sensitive skin. The oil free liquid makeup is available in wide range of tints, that blend in almost every type of complexion. The intense matifying effect renders a balanced look to the oily zones. It also keeps your skin soft and supple.
  • Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation: It offers an 'oil free coverage' to your skin and you need not worry about eruption of pimples and acne after removing the makeup. Available in a gamut range of colors, the Superbalanced Makeup is absolutely safe. It's non-acnegenic and is capable of balancing the moisture present in your skin.
  • Some Other Liquid Foundations: It's natural to get confused with availability of numerous liquid foundations at cosmetic stores. So we have provided you some more options here that you can choose from. They are: Revlon ColorStay Stay Natural Makeup, Chanel Teint Innocence Fluid Makeup SPF12, CoverGirl Clean Liquid Makeup for Sensitive Skin and Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation.
In short, the best liquid makeup for sensitive skin is the one that suits the skin perfectly without causing any damage. Make sure that you have removed every trace of makeup after its purpose is over and allow your skin to breathe adequately. Stop using the product in case you sense itching and irritation.