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Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin
Are moisturizers necessary? Most certainly yes and more so, if you have dry skin. In such cases, mouisturizing creams and lotions should form an integral part of your daily skin care regimen.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Every individual has a unique skin type. Yet, the types are commonly classified as normal, dry, and oily. People with dry skin have to combat a lot of problems, especially in mature age. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin is responsible to hold and retain moisture. However, as you age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin begins to deplete. Hence, it becomes necessary to replenish the lost moisture by external means. Moisturizers play a vital role in maintaining the moisture content. The best moisturizer for dry skin is the one which effectively hydrates the skin and leaves it soft and supple.
How to Choose a Moisturizer
Ingredients are of prime importance while choosing a moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin. Your shopping should not be influenced by the cost. Although, expensive brands do not always assure promising results, it is best to stick to the reputed brands as they generally do not compromise on the quality of the ingredients. Lactic acid and urea are the two ingredients which are particularly useful. If you have a problematic skin, such as that with acne then you have to be extra careful while choosing the moisturizer.
For Acne
The activity of acne is more underneath the skin than on its surface. Hence, the moisturizer should have a deep nourishing formula. Water based ones are more useful in nourishing acne prone skin than their oil based counterparts. Those with retinoids are particularly effective, as retinoids control the bacterial activity responsible for the outbreak of acne. Acne tends to erupt in winter, hence One should use those with a proper balance of cleansing and nourishing ingredients. Non greasy ingredients is something you should look for. Greasy moisturizers accelerate the rate of build up of dead cells, oil, and dirt, which may worsen the condition of acne. A daily cleansing routine is a must for such people. However, avoid using harsh soaps or other cleansing agents, as it can cause irritation of the skin.
For Dry Sensitive Skin
Often, dry skin is also sensitive to many allergens, irritants, etc. The best solution for this is the one with basic formulation, without any perfumes or coloring agents. These ingredients often irritate the sensitive skin. Retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids which are common ingredients, also easily irritate dry, sensitive skin. Hence, these ingredients are best avoided. Lenoleic acid is an ingredient that gently hydrates skin. If you are looking for something to work on sensitive areas around eyes, then the one with vitamin E formulations is the best. Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 are some organic ingredients which are rich in anti oxidants, thus help prevent formation of wrinkles.
People should undergo a regular hydrating session. Ointments and creams work better than lotions. Dab a generous amount of moisturizer after 3 minutes of having a bath. This way, your skin will trap the water and stay hydrated for a longer time. Avoid using strong, deodorizing cosmetics.
Thus, choosing the best moisturizer for dry skin is all about finding the right ingredients. With a proper regimen, you will be able to soothe and heal your dry skin.