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Best Perfumes

Best Perfumes

We all prefer to smell good, that's why choosing the best perfumes is very important. The market is filled with some top quality options, which are named after famous personalities, and could be ideal for you.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Fruity, mint, wood, flowery, and musky. Which fragrance is your favorite? The cosmetic market is flooded with immense variety of perfume. If you are a perfume fanatic, then you would be interested in knowing the best brands in the market today. In this wide market, you have to choose the one that goes well with your mood, clothing, and also with the season.

Popular Perfumes

I wanted to see every country in this world, but somehow I felt that this was not possible, so I picked a better mode of transportation, which is expensive, but not that much. It's called "Fragrance".

Havana Vanille by L'Artisan Parfumeur
I have never been to Cuba and this is the closest that I can get. The smell of this sultry rum with a vanilla essence just sends a person to the high mountains of Cuba and will make you wish you never had to come back.

Coco Monoi by Thymes
Ever heard of the Polynesian islands? Well, this baby just takes you there and also gives you a fragrance that you have never felt. The scent is musky and is inspired from monoi which is an ancient Polynesian tradition which means crushing to get scented coconut oil.

Sugarwood by Costamor
Considered as the greatest fragrance, the Sugarwood is brand new to the market and already has created a stir. It is inspired by founder Elizabeth Wright's childhood, it is soft, woody, laced with fresh scent of sugarcane.

Hinoki by Comme des Garçons, Monocle Series
Who wouldn't love the idea of having a hot tub bath with exotic green surroundings. This sounds like a dream. Well, use Hinoki and live the dream, its fragrance is as woody and mysterious as it sounds.

Velvet Rope by Apothia
When you see the bottle of Velvet Rope it reminds you of the dreamy Hollywood life which we all want to live. Velvet Rope is a combination of velvet, musk, jasmine, and grapefruit. Apply Velvet Rope and feel like a celebrity on the red carpet.

For Summer
What's different about summer perfumes? I have always wondered why do we need a special one for the summer. These fragrances are specially designed for the summer season, so they don't contain alcohol. Summer fragrances are fresh and light in effect and should be always stored in a dry place. Always be careful while applying these as they could stain clothes.
  • Givenchy Summer Collection
  • Ralph Lauren Summer Romance
  • Calvin Klein Escape
  • Kenzo Perfumes
  • Secret Wish by Anna Sui
  • Burberry Summer
  • Escada Summer Fragrances
  • Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden
  • Chanel Chance
For Women
Almost all women love perfume. They may not apply it daily, but that doesn't lessen their love for it. One of the best birthday gifts for women is a nice perfume. However, most of the new names cost some good dollars, so if you're thinking of a gift for her, here are some good choices for women.
  • The Lovely Perfume
  • Calvin Klein's Obsession
  • Dolce & Gabbana's Pour Femme
  • Lacoste's Touch of Pink
  • Coco Chanel
  • Chanel No. 5
For Men
Searching for the hottest men fragrances on the market right now? The below given list can help you make perfume buying for men very easy.
  • L'Eau Bleue D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake
  • Brit For Men by Burberry
  • Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari
  • Black Code by Giorgio Armani
  • Sean John Unforgivable
  • Touch For Men by Burberry
  • Clean Men
So, these were some of the best perfumes for men and women in the market right now. In case you are not sure which one is ideal for you, it's always better to test it first, and then purchase it.