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Best Sensitive Skin Care Products

Sensitive skin is a common problem that annoys many people across the world. It becomes a hassle trying to understand which product suits this skin type the best.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Sensitive skin is a type of skin that easily reacts to any skin care product and exposure to any external factor. The skin shows some visible aftermaths of these reactions along with extreme discomfort. There are several conditions of this skin type as well, namely, temporarily altered skin, allergic skin, and rosacea skin. Many people with sensitive skin, do not exactly have the idea about proper skin care and what really are the best products that would suit them.
Sensitive Skin Care
There are many people that have fairly sensitive skin. They just need to take a little extra skin care and precautions. The first thing to be done is to consult a dermatologist and make sure, actually what sort of skin do you have. If there is constant reaction of some kind of skin allergy due to some food or season, avoid them. It is a fact that many popular skin care products might not suit some people having sensitive skin. So, make sure you are aware of all the things that do not suit your own skin, before selecting any product.
In sensitive skin, the soft skin tissues are always at the risk of getting damaged, that cannot be easily repaired fast, either. Hence, all that one can do is to avoid harsh synthetic chemicals and abrasives that can put irreversible effects on the skin.
Using sensitive skin face wash, moisturizers, and other such skin care products is a good idea. Aside from choosing the best skin care products, one has to make sure that the beauty products that he/she is using are providing the skin with all the essential oils and nourishment to the skin. It is a common assumption that oily skin is not sensitive, which is wrong.
Best Sensitive Skin Care Products
It is very essential to avoid any oil based skin care products, beauty products that contain fragrance oils, botanical ingredients, and antibacterial ingredients are a strict no-no. Use the best sensitive skin face wash that is mineral based and has no preservatives and "perfumes".
Chemicals and Fragrances
Avoid skin care products that contain chemicals like propylene glycol, ethanol, and such skin penetrating ingredients. The best products normally contain very less ingredients and things like methyl, butyl or any other parabens.
Any skin care products that contain artificial preservatives and formaldehyde preservatives are potentially harmful for the sensitive skin. Try natural balancing ingredients and soothers like allontoin, calendula, chamomile, and such other natural things that have anti-inflammatory properties.
Natural Skin Care
The best skin products are mostly plant-based. Natural skin care products for people with sensitive skin consist of several easily available natural antioxidants like oatmeal, cucumber, avocado, and soy. So, one can easily rely on cucumber or avocado face mask and sensitive skin moisturizers that contain soy protein, or such nature-based skin care products.
Balancing the Moisture
Depending on the skin tone, choose products like moisturizers and sunscreens, that are essential for the sensitive skin. Choose a sunscreen with SPF more than 15-30 and when it comes to moisturizers, choose the ones with natural ingredients like aloe vera and other products, that do not come with harsh chemicals. Use the good quality foundations, eyeliners, eye shadows, and mascaras that are made of natural ingredients and less than ten ingredients. Using compacts that come with SPF-30 and liquid mineral makeup can also be a great help.