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Best Under Eye Concealers

Best Under Eye Concealers
Dark circles are a beauty nightmare that almost every woman has to deal with, at some point in her life. With this list of best under eye concealers, you can now cover up those unsightly eye bags and even hide the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.
Parul Solanki
Waking up looking like a sleepy tired raccoon is a beauty nightmare that most women have to face. Having a rough night or two can easily show on your face with the ghastly under eye circles and puffy eyes. Moreover, the stress at work, lack of sleep due to last night's party, and smoking can aggravate the under eye dark circles, making you look tired and exhausted.
Thanks to the under eye concealers and cosmetics, you can now fight the signs of too many late nights with perfect ease. They can camouflage the eye bags in a jiffy, making your eyes look refreshed and significantly younger. Creamy, pigmented, and bendable, here are some under eye concealers which are considered the best; to help cover redness, puffiness, and pesky dark circles under eyes.
Best Under Eye Concealer Reviews
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: The moisture-rich formulation, infused with vitamins A and E makes Laura Mercier Secret Concealer the best for dark circles, minor imperfections, and skin discoloration. Available in a small dinky boxes, the concealer shades are made to match the skin color and the undertones. The custom blend concealer virtually glides on the skin, completely masking the under eye discolorations and dark circles without really standing out. The emollient formula is a great option for those with under eye dryness and skin sensitivity. This top off the block concealer is available for around twenty two dollars.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer: This is one product that you have to fall in love with. The Bobby Brown Creamy concealer contains a yellow toned cream concealer along with some sheer finish loose powder. This is one of the best for mature skin as it quite nicely fixes up the fine lines around the eyes and masks the under eye circles as well. Moreover, the combination of the creamy concealer and the loose powder makes this a long-lasting formulation that just refuses to budge. This concealer set is available for twenty three dollars at most major stores and online as well.
Clinique All About Eyes Concealer: Moisturizes and camouflages, this concealer from Clinique is a must-have accessory if you are faced with persistent problems of puffy eyes and under eye bags. Moreover, this formulation is oil free and thus is suitable for people with oily skin as well. The best part is the long-lasting cream does not really crease up or settle into fine lines. Available in seven shades to match individual skin tone, this concealer is priced at $15.50.
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat: Priced at $35, the Yves Saint Laurent concealer is a much hyped and a chic pen concealer that seems to be a staple for women the world over. So what makes this product one of the best under eye concealers? Well, firstly more than a concealer, the product works as an illuminator, highlighting the shallow areas of the face. Its creamy moisturizing blend is lightweight and the light reflecting pigments adds a sparkle to your face and eyes. Moreover, this formulation is not cake-like and tends to camouflage the blue, gray, brown and green casts to the skin.
L'Oréal Touche Magique: This is for all those people who want to hide their under eye circles without having to stress over the price. Priced at an affordable $6, this soft brush applicator is considered one of the best concealers for older women. They not only reduce the under eye discoloration , but also helps mask the wrinkles and under eye lines. Moreover, it is easy to apply as the brush applicator makes controlled and precise application quite easy.
With this knowledge of the best under eye concealer for wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines, you can now go ahead and pick the product that suits you the best. Use this in sync with the eye makeup to add a whole new dimension to your eyes. So if you have persistent problems of puffy eyes and under eye circles, then invest in a good concealer and apply it correctly to gain that fresh youthful appearance that lasts all day.