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Birthmark Removal Cost

Birthmark Removal Cost

Birthmark removal is a surgical process that is used to remove birthmarks, such as a white spots or moles. Be it any kind of surgery, it involves cost which needs to considered. In this article, you will get to know more about birthmark removal cost...
Stephen Rampur
Many of us have some or the other marks on our body which are present since birth. These marks are referred to as birthmarks, which are mostly permanent. However, some become visible as a person grows, whereas some vanish over time. If you have a birthmark that is in a visible area, much like on the face or neck, and you need to get it removed; you will have to have the surgery done.

What is Birthmark Removal?

Birth removal is a medical procedure, wherein any kind of birthmark is removed using surgery or laser technology. It is used to get rid of irregular white spots, moles, salmon patches, port wine stain, etc. In a majority of cases, it is done for cosmetic and beautification purpose. However, it can even be done for medical reasons if the birthmark is reported as harmful to health. For some conditions, laser surgery is required. However, for those marks which are unaffected by laser procedure, invasive surgery is the only option. On the other hand, there are some marks which can even be dissolved using intravenous or oral medicines.

Birthmark Removal Surgery Cost

The cost may vary as per many factors such as the reputation and experience of the cosmetic surgeon, type of medical facility, type of surgery, and geographical area. The normal range of the overall cost of laser procedure is from $800 to $7,000. Adding to this is the consultation fee, which may range from a $100 to $600 per visit. Normally, five to ten sessions might be required for complete mark removal. If it is an invasive surgery, you will have to consider the costs of anesthesia administration as well.

The main determinant of the cost here is the extent of the mark to be removed. Bigger the mark, more would be the cost. If the area to be treated is more, you might even have to pay several grands. The depth of the mark also matters when it comes to cost. The removal of very deep types of birthmarks usually requires invasive surgery, whereas those just under the skin layer can be faded using laser therapy. Note that the cost of invasive surgery is even more than that of laser procedure. The price in this case ranges from around $1,000 to even $15,000.

If the procedure is done for cosmetic purposes, it will not be covered by any health insurance policy. Nevertheless, you should check with your policy provider if the cost is covered, as some service providers do have certain provisions for cosmetic birthmark removal. If in the consultation the surgeon informs you about the cost going in thousands, you can ask for convenient financing options. Getting the procedure done from a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon in an urban area would be more expensive than what you may have to pay at a facility in a metropolitan city.

Mole removal may add up to the aggregate costs, which might be about $150. Moles can also be removed using dermabrasion that may cost you about $150 - $250 per session. Birthmarks might even be treated by chemical peel procedures. Light treatments in chemical peels cost you around $150 to $300, medium ones ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, whereas for deep chemical peels you might need to pay more than $2,000.

If you choose a good medical facility, the birthmark removal cost can be justified, owing to the fact that you are going to get rid of the unwanted mark on your body permanently. If the estimated costs are high, you can consider medical travel for saving on it. For those covered with medical insurance, the costs can be reduced to about 50%. Most people who have undergone laser birthmark removal are reported to be satisfied with the results.