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Best Brands of Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Best Brands of Body Butter for Stretch Marks

One of the best ways to remove stretch marks is to use body butter. In this article, we are going to discuss which are the best products that can help you to get rid of them considerably.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Stretch marks are something that every woman loathes to see. They give her more sleepless nights than graying hair, or the appearance of the first wrinkle. The reason why they create so much panic is that they are hard to remove. You can camouflage gray hair with hair color, and get rid of wrinkles with a good anti-aging cream. But, you need to work hard to get rid of, or at the least, fade these marks completely. Stretch marks typically take place when one gains weight, or during pregnancy. When the collagen in the skin snaps due to rapid gain in weight, these occur. They are generally observed at places, which store more body fat like the lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. They are more common in women than men because of the fat distribution in a woman's body. The best way to get rid of them is to apply a moisturizing cream or body butter.

Best Products

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula
It contains cocoa butter, soluble collagen, and vitamin E that help to moisturize the skin and fade marks. It is a non-greasy formulation, and unlike other body butters, it does not stain your clothes. It smoothly melts in your skin, and does not leave an oily residue. You need to apply it every morning and night on the stretch marks. The best way to apply it is to use a coin-sized amount on them, and rub the cream in a gentle circular motion. It also has a mild floral scent, and it also makes your skin smooth and supple.

Earth Mama Body Butter
If you are looking for a good organic one, then this product is your best bet. It contains shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip extract, sweet orange oil, olive oil, and aloe vera. All these ingredients are deeply hydrating and provide a moisture boost to your skin. This product is silky and smooth and gets absorbed by your skin instantly. Its non-greasy formula is deeply nourishing, and helps to prevent marks, as well as to fade the existing ones.

Pure Simplicity Stretch Mark Solution
As a result of stretch marks, your skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. To fade them, first you need to boost the collagen production. This product helps you to do that by moisturizing your skin, and making it firm and supple. It contains cocoa butter that nourishes your skin and Vitamin E that boosts cell regeneration; it has been observed that these ingredients really work. For best results, you can apply this product before retiring at night. It can also be used by pregnant women for preventing such marks from appearing.

Rocky Mountain Belly Body Butter
This is one of the best body butter base for fading and preventing stretch marks. This particular product is targeted for pregnant women who are most likely to develop them. It contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, rosewood essential oils, and lavender oil that provide skin with moisture, and help in preventing them during pregnancy. Used over time, it can fade these marks and make them less noticeable. Your skin also becomes more soft and smooth.

While body butter helps in fading and preventing them, do not expect overnight miracles. It takes a lot of time and effort to see results. Moisturizing your body adequately is one of the best ways to fade them.