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Boxcar Scars

There are many types of acne scars. One of the acne scar type is boxcar scar. For removal of these scars special treatments are required. Read on, to learn more about boxcar acne scars.
Pragya T
Acne is a common condition, which affects people of all ages and gender. Acne can appear at any time in a person's life, but they are a common occurrence during the teen years. There are many factors contributing to acne, and there is no exact cure for acne. However, certain products and methods work for certain people. Once acne is gone, it leaves a scar behind. There are many types of acne scars. They are ice pick, boxcar, rolling and keloid scars. Each scar has a different appearance. Let us look at boxcar scars in detail.
What are They?
Acne is an inflammatory condition. When there is excessive sebum on a hair follicle, the hair follicle gets trapped. On top of this dust gathers and bacteria thrives, which leads to acne. This is how blackheads, whiteheads and pimples are formed. Once the pimple disappears there is a risk of it leaving a scar behind. As mentioned above, there are many types of acne scars and one of them is boxcar scar.
Boxcar scar develops when a breakout (pimple) destroys the collagen tissue of that area. This skin area is left without support and thus a depression is created. The depth of these scars depends upon the amount of tissue lost. Boxcar scars look oval or round depressions which have steep vertical sides. These scars are commonly observed on the temples and cheeks region. There are many treatments available for these scars.
Boxcar Acne Scar Treatment
To treat your boxcar acne scar book an appointment of an experienced dermatologist. Consult the dermatologist about your boxcar acne scar to find out the most effective treatment for removal of boxcar scars. Here are various methods of treating these scars, out of which one treatment will be recommended to you by the dermatologist.
Chemical Peels: These are affordable methods to treat acne scar. Chemical peels are nothing but application of an acid peel solution which helps to remove the upper layers of skin. This results in exposure of fresh layer of skin, which is less scarred. This treatment is good for mild boxcar scars.
Dermabrasion: This treatment involves use of a tool which has a small pulsating wire brush. Application of the brush on the skin helps to remove the upper layers of the skin. This helps to make the boxcar scar more shallow, and forces the body to heal the wound by promoting growth of new skin.
Laser Resurfacing: In this cosmetic treatment, the upper layers of the skin gets burned off which helps to reduce the depth of these scars. This leads to collagen production, which compensates for the skin lost.
Augmentation Technique: In this technique, the doctor will inject some solutions in your acne pit. This solution is either collagen, silicone or the patients own fat. This helps to expand the skin in the pit into alignment with the rest of the skin.
Punch Techniques: This is basically a delicate operation, in which the base of the acne pit is cut from the skin and then reapplied in an aligned level to the rest of the skin. If the tissue is badly blemished, then the doctor might take a skin graft from your thighs or any other part of the body.
If you still keep getting acne breakouts then there are certain acne skin care tips that you can follow. To maintain acne free skin make sure you keep your face clean by washing it regularly with a mild soap and water. Also, following a healthy diet and exercise regimen will help. If you get breakouts then make sure you don't touch them, and apply a topical acne cream or gel to treat them, so that they don't give you a scar.