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How to Do a Brazilian Wax at Home

If you are thinking waxing at home, it might be useful to know more about Brazilian waxing techniques that are used to do this type of waxing.
Deepa Kartha
The Brazilian wax, introduced in New York in the year 1987, has become a popular way of pubic hair removal. Though it is very painful process, it is a much sought after type of bikini waxing, because of the clean and smooth look that it gives. Moreover, Brazilian wax treatments are not only done by women, but now even men have started showing interest in getting Brazilian body waxing.
Nevertheless, getting a Brazilian wax by a professional can be very expensive and due to this, people want to know whether it is possible to do such waxing at home. The answer to this question is yes, as there are many Brazilian home waxing kits available in the market. However, one must understand that the pubic area is very sensitive, and hence, the waxing should be done with utmost care. Here are some tips that you can follow.
Home Techniques for Brazilian Waxing
According to experts, a person who has never done a Brazilian wax before should not attempt it at home. In other words, your first Brazilian bikini wax should be done only by a professional. This is important to understand how it is actually done and also to know how you would personally feel about the whole process as well as the results. As the pubic area is very sensitive, you should expect a lot of pain while doing Brazilian waxing. Taking a painkiller an hour before can help in reducing the pain. Once you have all the things ready, which includes hard wax, pre-epilation oil, old towels, muslin strips, etc., you can start the process.
Taking a shower before you start with the waxing process would be a good idea. However, do not apply any kind of cream, lotion, or powder on the pubic area. You will also have to start heating the hard wax several hours before you begin with Brazilian waxing. This is because hard wax takes time to reach the proper consistency.
Once the wax is ready, the next step would be to cut the pubic hair a little short. However, one should not cut the pubic hair too short as it becomes difficult for the wax to take out the hair, if it is too short. In case you have coarse hair, you have to cut it down to ½ inch; if it is fine, cut it down to ¼ inch.
After this, apply the pre-epilation oil on a small area as this helps in making the skin soft. Before you start applying the hot wax, check whether it is too hot. Apply the wax on the area where you have applied the oil. Remember that you have to apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. After this is done, place a muslin strip and rub it in the direction in which you applied the hot wax. Count till five, and then pull the cloth strip in the opposite direction with your right hand, while holding the skin taut with the other.
Once this is done, repeat the same process till you remove the hair from your backside too. You have to apply the pre-epilation oil, each time, before you apply the hot wax as the oil will make sure that the wax attaches itself to the hair and not to the skin. Using baby powder or talcum powder is also said to have the same effect. If you find some leftover hair, you do not have to reapply the wax, rather take them off with the help of tweezers.
There are some precautions that one has to follow while getting this type of waxing done. It would be best to avoid Brazilian bikini waxing during one's periods. Also, one should do the waxing only when one has adequate time and guarantee of not being disturbed. Other than that, it is also important to choose a room which has proper lighting to avoid any kind of accidents. One must understand that though it is possible to do home Brazilian wax, it is not an easy task and needs a lot of patience and concentration. So, if you are planning to do Brazilian waxing at home, make sure that you know the risks of doing it yourself and take the decision only when you are fully ready.