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Brazilian Wax Tips

Brazilian Wax Tips

The following article is meant for those who like to have a hair-free bikini area. It presents a short account on the Brazilian waxing procedure.
Kalpana Kumari
Brazilian waxing involves complete hair removal from the genital region. It is available for both men and women. In case of men, it means complete hair removal. However, females have an option to leave some hair above the vaginal region. Though anyone would like to have a clean and hair-free bikini region, yet many men and women feel embarrassed to do so and many of them try it at home themselves.

If you are confident enough to give yourself a good result, you may give a shot to Brazilian waxing at home. However, it is always advisable to take a professionals help. There are several reasons behind it. You may not be able to hold the skin taut, apply wax properly, get the right leverage and pull the strips as quickly as required. To add to these difficulties, the bikini line hair do not grow in the same direction. Brazilian waxing often requires hair removal twice or thrice in different directions from the same part. Therefore, you should always go to an expert.

Brazilian Wax Procedure

The length of the hair should be ¼ inch if it is fine and ½ inch if it is coarse. If your hair is longer, it needs to be cut. If your hair is not long enough to fit the length requirement, you may not be given the service. Thus, the first tip is to visit the beauty salon only when your bikini line hair is long enough to be cut and waxed otherwise you would simply waste your precious time. Your skin is more sensitive during menstruation. It is very painful a couple of days before and after it's done, and so many salon owners do not offer the services during periods. You should avoid going for waxing even a few days before and after menstruation.

If you are on some kind of medication, you should consult your doctor and discuss whether you should go for it or not. Some of the medicines for which doctors don't give their agreement for hair removal by waxing are Retin - A, Accutane, Renova, etc. Waxing is a painful process and the pain is a bit more intense in the bikini area. You can reduce the intensity of pain by taking a painkiller about an half hour before the appointment.

The Brazilian waxing procedure starts with the waxer applying talcum powder with a sponge. Talcum powder facilitates waxing as it prevents the hot wax from sticking to the skin. You are not supposed to apply any sort of lotion or skin cream on the bikini area as it makes the hair removal a bit difficult. If you have applied, then wash it off thoroughly before going. The waxer will dip a spatula or a wooden waxing stick into a container of hot wax. She will spread it on your bikini line skin in the direction of hair growth. She will then cover the wax layer with a thick cloth strip or a disposable strip. She will gently press the strip lengthwise, and pull it off in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

Ask the waxer to work on smaller parts at a time and apply thick layers of wax and peel it off when it has cooled. You should help the waxer and make her task easier by holding the skin taut. When the waxing is over, she may check for any stray hair. If some hair strands are left, she will tweeze them out. Now, the waxer will gently wipe your bikini area with a wet sponge, and allow it to dry. She will now apply a comforting lotion or cream onto the skin. This completes the procedure.


Since bikini line skin is more sensitive, there are all possibilities that you develop certain uncomfortable after effects of Brazilian waxing. These are bumps, inflammation and ingrown hair. Also, experiencing a mild skin irritation is normal after this procedure. An over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream will reduce the discomfort to some extent. If it fails to provide you much relief and the discomfort is unbearable, seek medical assistance.

Waxing removes hair at the roots and opens the skin pores. The skin pores remains open for several hours after waxing. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should avoid applying any kind of skin cream and other products on the bikini area for at least 24 hours. Also, do not swim in the ocean just after Brazilian waxing. This will only increase the risk of infection. Apply a good quality moisturizing lotion on the area.Wear comfortable undergarments or at least avoid wearing tight-fitting undergarments until it is comfortable.

The effect of Brazilian waxing lasts for 3-5 weeks. It actually depends upon your rate of hair growth. Regular waxing will result in softer and finer hair growth. Follow all the given tips to avoid undesired consequences and have a safe and comfortable hair removal.