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How to Get Rid of Chipmunk Cheeks

When those cute little chubby cheeks cling on to a person all the way into adulthood, they are referred to as chipmunk cheeks. Excess facial fat adds to this.
BeautiSecrets Staff
May be you are one of those people who grew up with lovely chubby cheeks. You always had people tugging at your cheeks and having them tell you how cute your cheeks are. However, as you grew up you realized that those cute chubby cheeks of yours no longer seem to be cute. In fact, it seems to be annoying and even embarrassing. The chubbiness masks the attractiveness of one's face. Some even get ridiculed at college for their cheeks and this causes one to lose one's self esteem. Such chubby cheeks are results of genetic predisposition, water retention, liver problems and overweight problems. However, there is no need to continue to live with this frustration. There are natural ways to get rid of chipmunk cheeks. Let's find out how.
Eat Right and Lose Weight
There is no instant formula or magic spell that will get rid of the excess fat solely in the cheek area. The key is to lose weight. Only by losing overall body weight, can one reduce the appearance of chipmunk cheeks. When you hear the term 'lose weight', the first two things that flash in one's mind are exercise and healthy diet. Remember, without eating and exercising right, you cannot do away with those chubby cheeks. Eating a nutritious healthy diet is a must. Avoid stuffing yourself with a lot of junk food. Every time you are tempted to grab a bite of junk food, eat a succulent fruit or two (Nobody said it was going to be easy!).
Moreover, eat smaller portions at regular intervals of time during the day. This will prevent binge eating. People struggling with water retention problems need to refrain from consuming a high salt diet. Cut down on processed and canned foods, that contain high level of salt. Chipmunk cheeks from bulimia can be reduced by maintaining a proper diet regime. Do not forget the importance of water. Water plays a crucial role in purifying the body from fat, by flushing out fat and other fat forming chemicals from the body. Thus, water can actually help you lose facial fat.
Exercise to Get Rid of Chipmunk Cheeks
Now, one simply cannot think of losing body weight without exercise. A healthy diet has to be combined with aerobic and anaerobic workout routines. Some vigorous cardiovascular exercises are required to help overall body fat reduction. People who are skinny, but still have chubby cheeks need to carry out some facial exercises that will help get rid of facial fat.
There are several kinds of facial and chubby cheek exercises that one can carry out. These facial muscle exercises will tone the facial muscles and give them a firmer look. Then again, there are several facial massage techniques which can also be carried out, which also help tone the facial muscles. Massaging is beneficial, because it increases blood circulation to the face and assists in toning the muscles.
Surgery to Get Rid of Chipmunk Cheeks
The other method of getting rid of chipmunk cheeks is by facial liposuction. However, this technique should be the last resort. Not only is liposuction surgery expensive, but like other surgeries it entails several risks. There's the buccal fat extraction procedure, which involves removal of fat pads from the cheeks. However, before signing up for this procedure, one should consider factors such as age and health. People in their twenties should not lunge desperately for surgery because as one ages, the face will experience several changes. Moreover, people struggling will health issues will have a tough time recovering from the surgery.
It's always preferable to rely on natural ways to get rid of chipmunk cheeks rather than going in for surgery. Chipmunk cheeks may not be the coolest thing in the world and may even be embarrassing, however, it's not worth worrying so much about. Getting too obsessed about them, will simply drive you crazy. Eat and exercise well and above all become a person with a remarkable character.