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Dermabrasion Cost

Dermabrasion Cost

A procedure meant to correct various skin problems, a lot of you may be concerned about the cost of cost and wonder whether it is really worth it. Here's all you need to know about dermabrasion and the expenses associated with it.
Puja Lalwani
Dermabrasion is a procedure that works to rejuvenate your face or body to give it healthier, younger looking skin. If you thought only those who had tons of money stashed under their beds could afford this procedure, you are mistaken. Even those who have an average income of almost US $50,000 or lower per year are some of the people who undergo this procedure. This has happened because of the increasing demand for such skin correction procedures, improvement in the technology to provide these, and an increase in the number of professionals who perform this surgery. Combined together, dermabrasion has become a more affordable procedure for everyone. So how much does dermabrasion cost? Let's first look at a brief overview of what dermabrasion entails, and then the associated cost.

Dermabrasion Procedure

Also known as surgical skin planing, the process of dermabrasion involves sanding away the topmost layer of the skin in order to reduce the visibility of scars caused due to acne or any other injury, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, stretch marks, and freckles. This process may also be used to remove tattoos. It is carried out using a wire brush that is attached to a handle with a motor. The brush contains diamond particles that help scrape away the topmost layer of the skin to a point where the affected area appears relatively clear. Usually the procedure is carried out in multiple sessions; the duration of each procedure along with the overall time required to complete it depends on the intensity of the condition being treated, and your response to it. If your condition is not too intense, you may opt for microdermabrasion instead. It is a less time-consuming procedure as well as less intense than dermabrasion. It simply exfoliates the outer layer of the skin.

Because dermabrasion removes the top layer of your skin, you will require some time to allow it to heal. This treatment is not recommended for everyone; particularly those who have very sensitive skin that breaks out into rashes very easily, or very thin skin. Also, dermabrasion is used to remove acne scars, not acne itself. If you have acne while undergoing the procedure, the scarring may increase. A lot of other conditions such as diabetes and rosacea do not allow you to qualify for dermabrasion. You must consult a qualified surgeon who will tell you whether you are suited for the procedure or not, along with giving you details of the duration as well as the price of this procedure.

Factors Determining the Cost of a Dermabrasion Procedure

The average cost associated with an entire procedure of dermabrasion (involving multiple sessions, including the surgeon's fees, anesthesia, etc.) can range anywhere from US $3000 - US $4000. On an average, you are likely to pay around US $150 - US $250 per session. While this is an average cost, there are a lot of factors that will determine the actual price of a dermabrasion procedure. These factors include the following:
  • The city you stay in or where you have the procedure done.
  • The qualification of the surgeon or the popularity of the clinic you wish to get it done from.
  • The intensity of the condition to be treated.
These factors may change the prices of the procedure considerably. This is why you will have to conduct thorough research before you end up fixing an appointment with any specialist. However, do note that the results are relatively permanent, i.e. they last for about 12 months or longer till you may need to undergo another dermabrasion procedure (say for wrinkles or stretch marks).

Some surgeons may want you to pay the whole amount upfront before the procedure begins. On the other hand, some may require you to pay an advance or pay per session. Whatever it is, ensure you are prepared as per the requirements. Some financing options are also available for those who are very keen on undergoing the procedure or have been recommended by medical professionals. You may also check with your insurance company if the cost of dermabrasion is covered in the insurance policy. This is usually likely only if you are undergoing dermabrasion for scar removal such as those caused by burns or any severe injury, or to eliminate any type of cancerous growth on the skin.

Depending on what you may want to be treated, you will be able to decide whether the cost is worth it or not. Of course, if you simply must undergo it, say to stop cancerous growths on the skin, it is worth the cost and duration of the procedure. Only thorough research can help you figure the right costs associated with dermabrasion and help determine your budget for it.