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Do Skin Whitening Creams Work?

Do Skin Whitening Creams Work?

In a mirage where beauty is plasticized and coveted to be the only attribute that sends attraction meters to sore, striving to be tagged as fair skinned is no blaspheme a situation. Skin whitening creams have received genuflections aplenty; however, do they in the actual practice what they preach?
Azmin Taraporewala
One is ought to reflect on what made them have a skin color so dusky. Well, even educated individuals who hold degrees and doctorates from reputed universities have no say over the situation. It is indeed the universal mentality that proves to be the driving force for these misnomers. 'Beauty is skin deep'... says who! Everyone, almost everyone. This proverb has become a parabolic proposition of sorts which has taken to a literary stance in the recent past. What one may not acknowledge is that beauty is just the mirror image of what you feed your skin with. One may not realize the importance of a well laid down beauty regimen, however, it is the only vital component that holds the reigns to achieving beautiful skin. Almost all are of the view that skin whitening creams can help their lives somersault for the good, but are they really effective?

What is Skin Whitening All About?

Masses fail to understand that beauty is not governed by the color of your skin, but it is the luminosity of the skin that counts. One may be fair skinned, however, if she/he sports acne and blemishes and cysts, would you still call it 'beauty'? Spare a thought. Is beauty characterized by such a hollow description that forces one to abide by the beauty standards set by the chauvinistic society? In the light of this statement, there are many who succumb to the temptations of making an appearance that is accepted by one and all in the society. It is as though their skin color is what matters to sustain in this world. Skin whitening creams have become synonymous to gain beauty and all the accolades that follow with it. If whitening creams work then why are there segregated opinions about the issue? How do skin whitening creams work and what are the results that we are bound to notice and what is the time period within which the skin will adorn an altogether new 'skin'... what about the guarantee? These questions are answered in the upcoming sections of the article.

Note: Recently, I had attended a seminar which dealt with this subject in detail. Dr. Norman and his team of dermatologists preceded the seminar. Dr. Norman has completed his five year training course in dermatology and is an expert in skin management diseases like skin cancer. He also specializes in treating skin troubles like eczema, rashes, psoriasis and skin infections. He has recently completed a research paper addressing the issue of the effectiveness of skin lightening creams. Questions were entertained after the subject was addressed. I made a note of some of the important questions asked, coupled with their answers. You too, may find your answers here. Excerpts ...

Q1: What are skin lightening creams meant for? Are they suitable for all skin types?

A1: Skin lightening creams are moisture locking substances that constitute of ingredients that make the skin pigmentation lighter. They make your skin visibly fairer, however, the effect is temporary and the skin may come back to normal once it is washed. They are suitable for any skin type, however, the quantity that you use, should not hamper your skin adversely. Most of the skin lightening creams work as concealers to hide flaws temporarily. Its effect withers away once washed off from the face.

Q2: I would like to know if skin lightening creams really work? What do they contain? I am keen on using a cream of a reputed brand? Please Suggest.

A2: A majority of skin whitening creams consist of an ingredient called hydroquinone. They also contain kojic acid. These two ingredients together curb the melanocytes from developing further. Melanocytes are the skin cells that deliver the pigmentation to the skin due to which your skin gets its color. As far your question on its functionality is concerned, yes they do work, however, they may work temporarily and may not guarantee permanent results.

Q3: What are the potential risks of using skin lightening creams? I am dark skinned and want to use the creams advertised widely on television? Can I go ahead?

A3: I cannot suggest if you could go ahead as you have not mentioned the cream you are referring to. Risks of using skin lightening creams may include the development of rashes or your skin becoming too oily resulting in blocked pores and breaking out into acne with blackheads.

Q4: Are skin lightening creams reliable? Is there any guarantee that my skin will become fairer for good?

A4: Certain skin lightening creams can be termed reliable; the condition being that they are prescribed by a dermatologist and not just picked up from the chemist's store shelf. There is no guarantee as such. The only guarantee that they provide you with is money back guarantees, which may expire well before you realize it! The results depend on the skin type and the product that you are using. It also depends on what the product is all about. Make sure that you sift through certain whitening cream reviews and consult a derma-expert before you get to the store counter.

Q5: Is bleaching the answer to fairer looking skin? Can bleaching regularly work towards making my skin fair and lovely?

A5: 'Bleaching regularly' as you said may on the contrary counter the effect that you are looking out for. It can darken your skin permanently, instead of giving your skin a fair glow. Keep a tab on the number of times you bleach. Applying bleach once in 3 to 4 months is suitable. However, the results may be temporary.

Q6: I have started to use a skin lightening cream since the past two weeks. I would like to know for how long can I use the cream?

A6: Not more than three months. You provide enough time for your skin to get lighter for three months. Don't continue the use well after the time period has lapsed.

Q7: I am dark skinned and my skin color has always been the center of garnering constant jibes. I am considering the use of skin lightening creams. Could you suggest some skin lightening creams that work? Your recommendations are valued.

A7: Well, I would suggest you first calm down and make your decision wisely. Skin lightening creams may help but not to a great extent, not as much as the propaganda commands. However, you may take a dermatologist's advice and then go ahead with the application. Here are some suggested creams. Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream lightens the skin and reduces freckles. It works considerably on your skin tone and helps fight problem skin. The only hitch is, it is a bit expensive than the other skin lightening products available. Another one that you may be prescribed is Arbutin Skin Whitening Serum. Meladerm and Gluta-C skin lightening creams are some of the other skin whitening creams that you may bank upon. They make the skin tone lighter, the texture soft and firmer than before.

Hope that this FAQ has helped you gain knowledge and has answered your question regarding skin lightening creams and their potency.