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Easy DIY Makeup Ideas to Get the Perfect Geisha Look

Easy Makeup Ideas to Get the Geisha Look
Halloween is just around the corner, and you're most likely in search of some makeup ideas online. How about checking out this geisha makeup tutorial given by BeautiSecrets? It will definitely aid you to present yourself in a traditional doll-like or modern vamp-like appearance.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Saying it Through Red!
Geisha girls conventionally paint their faces white and accent their mouths with scarlet-red lipstick to entertain guests with dining and dancing.
There's nothing more fun for a makeup enthusiast than experimenting and coming up with creative ways to beautify the face, and adding colors to it. Doing geisha makeup is a good way to satisfy some artistic fantasies. It can be challenging, but it's not impossible! The geisha look is very prominent in Japan, and has a long traditional history and culture behind its look. But owing to the Halloween fever, geisha is trending worldwide. Here is a simple tutorial to style yourself as a geisha, in both the traditional way and the modern way. We tell you how you can recreate this look on your own!
★ Two Types of Geisha Makeup
  1. Traditional
  2. Modern
In the traditional way of doing geisha makeup, your face, chest, and neck have to be covered in makeup, particularly in white. For this look, you would need a very heavy makeup in snow white. The eyes and eyebrows, both, should be exceptionally dramatic. A hint of red is also used around the eyes. This look can be worn for a theatrical performance, a photo shoot, or even a Halloween party if you really want to get into the character. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!
Step #1: Foundation
Tools collage
● There's this wax-like substance called "bintsuke-abura" that geisha often apply to their face, neck, and chest. This keeps the makeup foundation strong. But we can skip this step if it's unavailable in your local area.
Makeup foundation
● Put a dab of foundation cream that goes with your skin tone on the tip of your finger, or you can use a soft makeup brush. Gently apply it to lighten the dark under-eye circles, pimples, and other blemishes.
Step #2: The Base
White base foundation
● Take a pot of white face powder, and mix a good amount of water creating a paste. Apply this with a brush to your face and neck, as you would apply the foundation.
Base foundation
● You may need to use several layers, as your face, chest, and neck must be completely white. However, it is important that you leave some bare skin around your hairline.

● Take a large sponge and dab it over all areas that have the paste applied to them to remove excess moisture.
Step #3: Eye Makeup
We hope that you have covered the white powder over your eyelids too. You can also use your foundation or loose powder to do it now if you haven't.

Eye makeup tools collage
● Geisha have a traditional way of accenting their eyes. They project strong emotions through smoldering eyes, highlighting them with a black liner and red eyeshadow.
Highlighting with black liner
● Using a brush and a black liquid eyeliner, apply a layer/stroke of black on your top eyelid. Stroke from the middle of the lid and flare it out slightly as you reach the end.
Black liner with red eyeshadow
● Take a black liquid liner and stroke it all the way along your top lid. You may wish to apply a small amount of red eyeshadow. If you do wish to do this, you can blend it into several different shades as you move across the lower lid. Traditionally, it is a little thicker and dramatic.
Red eyebrow
Step #4: Eyebrows
● Brush your eyebrows straight down using an eyebrow brush. Take a black eyebrow pencil and draw in your eyebrow shape. Add a tinge of red using a red eyebrow pencil.
Step #5: Lips
Lipstick collage
● Use a thin lip brush and a rich red lipstick. First, using a lip liner of the same red as your lipstick, make an outline of the lip shape you wish for. Geisha don't paint their whole lips; instead, paint only a small, pouty shape. Fill in the color and over the line until you get thick, glossy red lips.
Rich red lipstick
Step #6: Hairstyle and Accessories
● You can simply buy a geisha style wig. Many fancy dress stores and/or online shops sell these. You could try styling your own hair into a geisha style, but you'll need long hair to pull this off.
Japanese bun
● We would suggest that you try putting your hair into a simple updo, or do the popularly known Japanese bun.
Collage hairstyle
● For the hair, don't just do the updo, but also use hair ornaments suited for specific occasions. You can use various decorative hairpins available, or tuck some fresh flowers, ribbons, or classic Japanese-style hair ornaments in your geisha hairdo. Even a pair of elegant chopsticks will fulfill the need.
Bun with chopsticks
Classic japanese style bun
The Final Traditional Look
Final traditional look
Tada! Time to upload a selfie maybe?!
Many people are intrigued by a geisha's attire and the makeup that goes along with it. People wish to try to recreate the same look. Times have changed, and a westernized geisha look has been developed. This modern style has all the basic features of the traditional geisha makeup, but it isn't as intense. This makes it more suitable to wear it to Halloweens or other theme parties and such. Most of the steps remain unchanged, just with the difference in base, and your creativity to give the final touch.
Modern geisha look
Things you will need
1. Powder foundation (preferably of a lighter shade), with powder brush
2. Concealer (optional - to cover the blemishes)
3. Brow pencil (in a color that matches your hair)
4. White and red eyeshadow
5. Black liquid eyeliner
6. Red lip pencil
7. Red lipstick
8. Powder blush in rosy pink (optional)
Step #1: Define Your Eyebrows

● Use brown/black brow pencil to outline your eyebrows. The modern geisha look asks for a natural look.

Step #2: The Base (face)

The modern geisha just needs your face to be covered. And you need not paint it white. You can just use the lightest shade of foundation, again creating a natural appearance. A concealer can be used before or after the foundation is applied.

● Using a powder brush, apply a light shade of powder foundation to your face. Go over your eyelids as well. You don't need to apply any on your neck, but try to make the transition of color from the face to the neck smooth, rather than displaying an obvious border.

● Well, this as we said is optional; you can apply a rosy color of blush to the cheeks.

● After you're done with the application of liquid foundation, go over your face with a finishing powder to set the foundation. Then apply the powder blush, if you wish too.

Step #3: Red Eyeshadow

For this look, you'll need shades in red with a matte finish.

● Start to apply red eyeshadow from the center of your upper lid, working your way out. As you reach the outer corner of the eye, create a "wing" shape. Use the same eyeshadow to outline your lower lid from the center to the outer corner.

Step #4: Black Eyeliner

● Use a pitch black pencil or liquid eyeliner to outline your eyes. While a pencil eyeliner is easier to apply, a liquid liner creates beautiful, smooth lines. So, the choice is yours.

● Start from the inner corner of your upper eyelid and work your way out, gradually making a thicker line.

● You can draw a thin curved line with an eyeliner that is between your eyebrow and your eyelids, and end it with three dots (as shown in the image above).

Step #5: Lips

● Outline your natural lip line using a red lip pencil. After that, fill in the color using a scarlet-red lipstick.

A geisha needs years of training and practice to carry this look, but you can score the famous look in just a few minutes. When you're done with the makeup, put on some hair accessories―a kimono or something pretty―for the finishing touch. But to tell you, the modern look doesn't demand for a bun. You can flaunt your hair the way you want.
1. Hold yourself elegantly, and wear that demure smile. For a traditional appearance, you must present yourself with grace and doll-like.
2. Do your makeup before you get dressed so that you don't get any on your clothing.
3. If you can sit in a Seiza position, then it will wonderful 'cause geisha often sit in this way.
So, this was the geisha look. Of course, you will need to spend some time working on it for your first attempt, but don't let that stop you. Have fun experimenting with your look!