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Easy Steps to Do the Perfect Peacock Eye Makeup

Easy Steps to Do the Perfect Peacock Eye Makeup

The latest fad doing the rounds in eye makeup is brilliant and iridescent peacock style. With this BeautiSecrets write-up, you can achieve the perfect peacock eye makeup in a few easy steps.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018
Not Just Eye Makeup
Various historical evidences indicate that the ancient Egyptians decorated their eyes with great aesthetic care. But they also believed that eye makeup provided psychic protection. An unadorned eye was believed to be unprotected, and hence, vulnerable to the Evil Eye.
When it comes to awe-inspiring ideas, be it makeup or home-décor, mother nature comes out as the true stunner. Take the peacock for instance, the feathers are so vivid, so bright, that they are definitely worth incorporating as a makeup idea for stunning eyes. The peacock eye shadow for one is inspired from the patterns and colors of the male peacock feather.

It is sexy, bright, iridescent, fascinating, and definitely eye catching. It can jazz up your evening attire, or give you glamorous eyes, taking you a step ahead of the dull and drab everyday eye makeup. Considered to be a rage on the makeup scene, the peacock eye makeup is definitely not for the faint at heart. It's time you play with colors to reveal sultry yet gorgeous eyes.
Steps to Perfect the Peacock Eye makeup
Cleansing and Preparing
Ensure your skin is free from oil, dirt, grime, and makeup residue. Wash your face to have a clean base to work with, and do this diligently for your makeup to stay for a longer period of time.
Preparing the Base
Behind every good and lasting eye makeup is a quality base. Use your primer to achieve a smooth and blemish-free eyelid to work with. Apply face primer, concealer, and dust it off with a high-definition face powder to get a smooth base.
Traditional Peacock Makeup
Traditional or Simple Peacock Eye makeup
Apply pale yellow or bronze as a base color over the entire eyelid.

Highlight your brow line with a highlighter in white.

Use the same highlighter along the underside of the innermost corner of your eye.

Apply azure mist eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelid. Remember to use outward strokes while applying the eye shadow, and stop halfway through your eyelid.

Use a touch of bright turquoise eye shadow where your eyelids begin to lift upwards.

Next, take a shade of bright azure eye shadow to go over the central part of your eyelid.

Go over the outer corner of the eye with a shade of purple. Remember to start from the outer extreme corner―right below your brow line ends―to the center of your eyelid.

Use a round tip brush to blend the colors to give you a finished look.

Go as close to your lash line while applying the eyeliner. Simply put, tightline the inner corner of the eyes and draw it outwards to form a wing at the outer corner.

Curl your eyelashes, and apply 2-3 coats of mascara to make your eyes open up.

Use colored mascara for the lower lash line.

Do not forget to use a white liner along the waterline of your lower lid to complete the peacock eye look.
Designer Peacock Eye Makeup
Designer Peacock Eye Makeup
Use a neutral shade to go over the entire eyelid so that it forms the base for your bright colors.

Highlight your brow line and the inner corner of your eye with gold or bronze highlighter.

Use a similar eye shadow shade to cover the innermost corner of the eyelid. This should ideally cover the inner 1/4th corner of the eyelid.

Use a cyan blue shade to go over the central portion of your eyelid.

Use a vivid green shade to go from the outer corners of your eye to the crease line of your eyelid.

Use a dark blue shadow to line the outer corner of the eyes.

Blend the colors using a rounded tip makeup brush.

Use a gold eyeliner pencil to draw tiny flame-shaped leaves along your natural crease line.

Use a dark blue eyeliner to form the peacock eye.

Use the dark blue liner to tightline the outer corner of your upper eyelid.

Tightline your lower lid with black eyeliner.

Use a cyan shade of eyeliner to line the lower lid just below the lower lash line.

Curl your upper lashes, and finish off the look with mascara.
Arabian Peacock Eye Makeup
Dramatic Arabian Peacock Eye makeup
Use a neutral eye shadow color to line your upper lids.

Use a highlighter with a pink tinge below your brow line.

Line the inner corner of your eyes with a lime green eye shadow.

Opt for a sea-blue/green shadow to cover the central portion of the eyelid. Do not go over the natural crease line of the eyelid.

Use a cobalt shade of blue to cover the outer corner of your eyelid.

Extend the shade over the crease line of your upper eyelid.

Use a bright purple eye shadow above the crease line. Extend this shade to the point where your brow line would meet your upper lid if extended upwards.

Extend the black eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye, forming a slight wing towards the outer corner.

Use an electric blue liner to line your lower lash line.

Dust the lower lid with a silver shimmer powder.

Complete the look with mascara.
Amazing Ways to Do the Peacock Eye Makeup