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Effective Tips and Techniques to Apply Mime Makeup

Effective Tips and Techniques to Apply Mime Makeup
Mention the word mime, and instantly images of white faces with makeup come to mind. Though creating a mime face may seem difficult, in reality it is not so. Here, BeautiSecrets has provided some easy tips and techniques to wear mime makeup the right way. From a cute clown to a scary Halloween face, these tips are sure to help you achieve your desired look.
Anamika Kumari
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
'Mask' it up
If you are apprehensive of hypoallergenic content of the makeup, you may directly opt for white mask upon which the rest of the features can be painted as desired.
Pulling off the right look or getting the makeup right is vital for a mime artist. Be it a street play or a theatrical appearance, the makeup of a mimic can make or break a performance. It is an essential accessory to the acting skills and style of a mimic.

Since a mime act is entirely visual, the makeup of the artiste should be bold and loud. It's necessary to highlight certain emotional features on the face using appropriate makeup techniques. Here are some effective tips to help you get ready before you step up for your act.
Steps to a Minimalistic Mime Face
Mime Face
  1. Tie your hair to prevent it from interfering with the makeup. Men may use headbands for the same.
  2. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a good quality cleanser. Pat dry with a clean towel. Men must shave immediately before this step.
  3. Apply moisturizer all over the face and neck to ensure that the makeup spreads evenly and stays longer.
  4. Take an applicator or a brush dipped in black eyeliner or paint to outline the face along the jawline and about an inch below the hairline.
  5. Work two to three coats of white foundation covering the skin inside the marked area and the eyebrows too.
  6. Once dry, use a grease makeup pencil to outline the eyes and create artificial brows.
  7. Outline and paint you lips red or black.
  8. Dust the entire makeup with white face powder using a light brush, without smudging the rest of the lines.
Top it up
Colorful Wigs
  1. Apart from the conventional hats and french caps, the use of colorful wigs can enhance the entire look in just one go.
  2. Handling long hair can be meddlesome during the act. Therefore, women with long hair can always go for side braids, and add that extra pinch of cuteness.
Eyes say it all
Teardrops on Cheek
  1. To create the right eyes for a female mime character, accentuate the eyelashes by drawing them longer using eye makeup pencil or adding fake lashes. Also, try to darken the eyelids using various colors.
  2. Painting a starry outline for the eyes make them appear bright and happy.
  3. Drawing streaks above the lid aiming for the forehead portrays alert eyes. At the same time, streaks aiming from the eye towards the cheeks gives the face a negative or sad appearance.
  4. Painting two teardrops on each cheek may complete the look just as well.
Raise those brows
Stupid Mime
  1. Try painting the eyebrows above the normal browline.
  2. Use dramatic strokes and play with curves to create brows that are either angry, calm, thoughtful, or in total awe.
For lips that speak
Circular discs on Cheeks
  1. The choice of lip color must be very judicious. Painting lips red draws the entire focus of the face as compared to the monotonous black costume. Black lips, however, are used to keep the look neutral.
  2. Paint a bow or heart shape for lips instead of the regular shape to create 'baby doll lips'.
Highlighting the cheekbones
Circular discs on Cheeks
  1. Paint small hearts or circular discs, on your cheeks or chin, to add tenderness to your appearance.
  2. Use blush to enhance the cheekbones, or as a mean to add color to your ensemble.
Ensure that you use skin-friendly products approved by the FDA. Avoid recreating messy lines and redo it, if required. We at Buzzle, wish you success for recreating these looks and your performance.